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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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    Official Audio for “Flowers (Demo)” by Miley Cyrus
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    1. Mr Jojo

      This version is everything, you really can hear the pain, emotions in her voice. I’m glad that Miley is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Plastic hearts such an underrated album

      1. Roger Stone

        People act like she never blew up before. I remember when Miley Cyrus was projected to be a billionaire by the age of 18

      2. Paul


      3. Albert Issa

        The new album is out in Australia and it's amazing!!

      4. Jessica Soriano

        I love you ❤️😘

    2. Botón

      La version original transmite seguridad y liberación, pero en esta se sienta tristeza y una lucha constante de sobresalir de un momento difícil, incluso los coros aquí se pueden interpretar como alguien deprimido tratando de darse ánimos para seguir, me ha tocado mucho esta versión

      1. Em 6 Minutos


      2. David Konevky

        ​@alfredo gonzalez eso es exactamente lo que dijo Miley cuando describio esta demo, me encanta su mente

      3. alfredo gonzalez

        Es como un fake it til you make it alguien tratando de auto convencerse

    3. ishtails

      this version feels so much more intimate, like a final note to the person you gotta leave cause you know even if you gave them another chance they ain't gonna treat you better...

    4. Maria Edwards

      Can feel her pain in this version. No background singers or music just the piano. Perfect. Miley has an amazing voice. Amazing and strong. One day she will find true pure love and happiness.

    5. Sooyaaa__

      Todos estamos de acuerdo que la voz de Miley es inigualable y hermosa .🥰

      1. Manuel Luna

        Miley vs Belinda de perdida ustedes le entienden más a Belinda creo.

      2. Amethyst Haze


      3. Cristian Marroquin

        SIP tienes razón

      4. Lilimon

    6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

      omg me puso la piel de pollo , Miley tiene una voz tan fuera de lo común hace q sus canciones se vuelvan tu historia

    7. eowenb9

      TRUE FACT: We can all agree that Miley Cyrus never lets us down, her talent is pure and her voice is out of this world!!!

      1. Гюнай Ахмедова

        I agree with you. And I want you to listen my cover on flowers, maybe you will like it as much as original❤😂

      2. Cristina Carmen Cantea

        You rather bet of this... Kisses & hugs, babe.. 😘🤗💯☺️

      3. ethereal

        i'm so tired of this comments.........

    8. Juan Cruz

      Her raspy voice is everything!

    9. Maria Rita Stockler

      I don't even know what version I prefer! Both are masterpieces!!!

    10. Leyla baker

      So it was originally a piano calm I love it! Miley's vocals sound so pure

    11. Rosie Bateson

      I didn’t think it was possible to like this song any more than I do but this is even more filled with her warmth and emotion. I love it ♥️👍

    12. sleep is a helluva drug

      OMG , i mean i love the super upbeat version we got as a final product. But lets be honest , this is almost hauntingly beautiful

    13. Erhan Özer

      Miley and Lady Gaga collaboration is what everyone needs. Do you agree with me?

      1. Pop facts

        @Indra Otsutsuki no the industry is so bad am starting not support even miley

      2. Indra Otsutsuki

        @Pop facts they’re both queens, they do have this deep and strong rock voice.

      3. Benny Blenckner

        And Anastacia ... Trio infernale 🔥

      4. Nick Robinson

        I'm all for it.

    14. Valeria Martins

      A voz dessa mulher é incrível ❤

    15. Hélio Santos

      Her voice it’s so much better now. I love her

    16. HvD

      Nothing but goosebumps

    17. Sofía Persichini

      Voz inigualable, no hubo ni hay otra similar💘

    18. 🤪ToliTonggitungNu

      Oh my! If Miley sing this in her concert..I will have goosebumps... This version is soo good...

    19. Nicolas Ames

      Miley's voice is a masterpiece 🥹❤️

      1. Laura Shore


      2. Catherine Shields

        I absolutely love her voice. Definitely one of the best female voices around.

      3. ♡tela

        I like Miley, but I must say I liked her voice better before its' changed. You can't possibly say she doesn't sound like a complete different singer now. For better or for worse

      4. ivn215

        Miley it’s a masterpiece🤌🏻

      5. The Joker


    20. ccxmc

      Her vocals sound so similar to the final version, but she sounds more heartfelt here

    21. Petra Flynn

      she should win multiple grammys for this album

    22. Meriem

      This is the sad version we didn’t know we need. Miley is the best vocalist of her generation!!

    23. Paula Camila

      This version made me feel the pain behind the words of freedom. A Queen always a queen. Love you, Miley 3

    24. avenegas17

      After so many years . im so happy she is free and able to be herself again . With plastic hearts and now this she really put her all in this and you can hear her pain she’s been through

    25. z

      now I have one “flowers” to dance to and one to cry my eyes out to. thank you miley, this is GORGEOUS.

      1. The Joker

        Mother is mothering

    26. Shanna Kinser

      Love this arrangement. So bittersweet. It's no wonder this song is 🔥 Miley never ceases to amaze.

    27. Kostadin Ivanov

      This version somehow recaptures the exact way I felt the first time I heard the ''Official Video'' rendition... Perhaps its a bit more simplistic but way more powerfull and beatiful... @Miley Cyrus, thank you for sharing this amazing gift with all of us!

    28. soaked

      Her voice is out of this world, will be playing this version more than the first one actually

    29. amit kumar

      Miley Cyrus is a genius….every song she makes are the best things ever… Miley, everyone adores you! 😂😂❤❤❤

    30. Becky

      I can’t get this song out of my head. She’s genius

    31. thibault

      Let the new Miley Cyrus era begin, she never disappoints us and doesn't have bad songs. She knows how to reivent herself every time. The new album will be a masterpiece for sure

      1. Mo Thompson

        Totally agree , bloody love the woman 😍

      2. The Joker

        Mother is mothering

    32. Chhavi Anand

      This shows how much educated is she about the music thing.. totally incredible.. she has got her notes right 😌❤️

    33. Matthew Williams

      This is beautiful, this highlights the emotion in her voice from what must've been a terribly tough time for her. We love you Miley. I can't wait for Muddy Feet with Sia next Friday, my 2 fave singers!

    34. bere fragoso

      Está canción es arte, va a ser de esas canciones que nuestros hijos van a escuchar y que ya será un clásico... Miley los que te seguimos desde tus comienzos sabemos que este éxito es resultado de tu talento

    35. Raul Oliver

      her voice's like angels ❤️

    36. Robert b

      Quién apoyará a Miley Cyrus para Siempre?❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👇👇👇

    37. maximal16k

      Estamos de acuerdo en que las 2 versiones son super hits? ✨💕❣️ Stream flowers!!!

      1. Aída Pérez

        Obvio siiii

      2. Jorge IDFC


      3. Octavius


    38. F.M.V.B Entertainment

      Hermosa voz la amooo la mejor canción 🥰😍🤗💋❤💖❤️‍🔥

    39. Marta Krasuska

      I wish it was the first single she realeased- it feels like the death card in tarot or like youre on someones funeral. You can tell what shes been through, such rawness is what music needs.

    40. mahaa

      she sounds almost like the original version omg shes too talented.

    41. Rosalia Mendes

      her style, fashion, sound, visuals... this is what we all need now.

    42. Sharon Stocks

      Such a powerful and beautiful voice. What a talent.!

    43. Yorgely Tapia Casanova

      Con una sola canción esta rompiendo todo el internet.

      1. Cristina Carmen Cantea

        @Britney Azalea Minaj IDEM

      2. Cristina Carmen Cantea

        @fernanda Santana ¿Qué quieres decir?? 90 Seré loca, pero nunca he dicho nada sobre esta canción.. De Miley, si... Siempre hay un antes y un después... Nunca la tomé en serio... Hasta ahora.. Y siento haberte ofendido... Pero vivimos en un mundo libre, bueno, se supone.. Admiro tu fidelidad hacia un artista.. Yo también tengo los míos, y saco las garras por ellos... Sorry... Y viva la vida.. Qué son dos días... Saludos desde España 😢😘😜♥️

      3. fernanda Santana

        ​@Cristina Carmen Cantea necesidad de comparar?

      4. Cristina Carmen Cantea

        @alfonso aguiñaga La misma respuesta con los mismos fallos... No tienes imaginación... CHECA LA VISTA.. JAJA!! Una checa creo yo, en mi humilde opinión, es una habitante de CHEKIA..País del centro europeo.. Q antes de la caída del muro de Berlín, era CEKOSLOVAQUIA.. Q me responda alguien con dos dedos de frente.. Y que sepa algo de historia.. Gracias

      5. Cristina Carmen Cantea

        @alfonso aguiñaga Será chequear la vista, watch out with your vision.. Something like that... Check la Vista??? Lo siento, pero no me va... Kiss and hug

    44. Dee

      She will always be the icon of our generation

    45. N. Ram

      The Vocal Queen. I swear if she does not win a Grammy for this song. I will lose it

    46. labchic

      I love this song! Miley’s voice is beautiful!

    47. Roger Mau

      Necesito esta versión en Spotify

      1. Daniiela Cortés Varas

        ya está

      2. LQ TY


      3. LQ TY

        no está??

    48. Diane Urich

      So poignant. Thank you Miley. Your song reminds all of us to love ourselves.

    49. GokuT24

      100% good music 🐐 100% understanding🗿 No abusive language 👍 100% meaning full 💪 100% best song this year That's what I call a masterpiece made by a Queen 👑 🗿👍

      1. Michelle Stella

        ​@KZsection User she's not wrapped in a blanket

      2. Youtube User

        @Black Rose what nudity??

      3. Michelle Stella

        ​@Black Rose grow up

    50. Laura Shore

      Miley is what I call genius!!! On top of that her voice is dynamic! I think at times she is channeling Janis Joplin, but she is truly an individual and a one-of-a-kind. Absolutely fantastic!

    51. Ana Maria Canales Perez

      La mejor canción del año,👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

    52. A&T

      Necesito esto como un single o un video oficial con esa version.

    53. Fatima B.

      Adore this version ❤ you can hear the pain in her voice

    54. Sai Gonzalez

      Nunca defrauda, haga lo que haga, álbum, single, cover, cada vez se supera más si es que eso es posible. Una verdadera artista! Gracias vida por hacerme fan de la reina Miley Cyrus ❤️

      1. Cristina Lopez

        Really love this! We love you Miley.❤❤❤

    55. Daniel Alvarado

      Estamos de acuerdo en que Miley nunca nos defrauda, ​​su talento es puro y su voz está fuera de este mundo , su voz pura transmite mucho

      1. elena ele

        Copy paste al otro cometario en ingles😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. A R

        Al menos dale el crédito a crazi

      3. Sasha Englebert

        El menos necesitado de atención

      4. Esteban Huerta

        Daniel, ve a otro lado a llamar la atencion y deja de copiar comentarios

      5. Emilian Edward Sava

        Comment copy/translate/paste

    56. Nelson Acevedo

      Her voice is the reason that I love her 😍

    57. Verito Nuñez

      Hermosa y su voz perfecta 😍😍😍😍

    58. deanie2477

      This is the best version..... Love it 😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ her voice is amazing! On this one

    59. Iemenita Dialundama

      So perfect and pure. I really in love with this song, very special! Thanks MILEY!! 🎶😍❤️💓❤️😍🎶

    60. claypots47

      I like this stripped down demo without the pumped up beat of the release. Though I dig the final release of the single. This is very pretty, like Flowers. 💮 Her vocals really stand out here.

    61. Daniel Alvarado


      1. Bere Solano

        WEV0S !!!!

      2. Sierra Goldenstein

        ​@adrian desimone wsmsls Lslekemè

      3. Lorena Salazar Gonzales

        @Fede German NO, NO HAY. SU VOZ ES ÚNICA.

      4. Fede German

        hay mejores también xD

      5. adrian desimone

        Talento puro!!!

    62. Paulina CG


    63. hansamstel

      This version is so clear and a wonderful window into her soul xx

    64. David

      100% talent

    65. Queen Japantazy

      I really love this song! I can relate and I can feel Miley Cyrus’ feelings. Wish She’ll find her true love! Sending prayers..

    66. James Daniel

      her voice is so powerful 😮

    67. Kevin Barral

      No hay forma de que te agradezca lo bien que me haces, tus canciones, esa voz tan potente, y la paz que me das cuando mas la necesito

      1. Denzel Xdd

        Solo espero que tenga apoyo en su nuevo álbum

    68. patty

      What an amazing voice 😍 it's like the Angels are singing!!

    69. Pop Chill Vibes

      I have listened to this sound track a million times I still love it

    70. Tracy Hudson

      Love this version just feels completely like a different song beautiful voice as always miley 💜

    71. Debora Diaz

      Lo hermoso que suena flowers en ambas versiones,sin dudas es un éxito como todo lo de Miley,a seguir pisando fuerte mí Reyna,te amamos desde Argentina 🇦🇷

    72. Saitoti Nkanae

      I've listened to this song about 6 times already. I can't get it out of my head. Speaks to me so deeply that it reminds me my lowest off self then the soothing healing voice from Milley

    73. Isaí

      Su voz en “limpio” es lo más hermoso que existe. ❤

      1. Ulises Vera

        @Marcella Jenkins He's saying her voice is beautiful, he didn't say she isn't a woman

      2. Marcella Jenkins

        Ummm Miley is actually a woman. 😂

      3. Isaí

        @paul solis si, justo lo que dije.

      4. paul solis

        no esta ecualizado ni autotune es su voz natural quiere demostrar que puede cantar si esos arreglos

      5. Luis Villarreal

        @Carolyn Foster In spanish is written exactly like @Isaí did

    74. Gabriela Evangelina Sosa

      Amé la version original y esta tambien la amé. Es increíble que con la misma letra sean dos canciones que trasmiten algo muy diferente. La version original trasmite superación, amor propio, sentimos felices y está version transmite tambien las dos primeras cosas pero cargados de nostalgia, lo sentí como ai Miley dijera "puedo amarme mejor que vos, puedo hacer un montón de cosas sola pero aun así te extraño, o aún así todavía no estoy del todo bien".. te amo infinitamente Miley, besos desde Argentina.

    75. Miley Nation 13

      Miley’s natural voice is so beautiful 🖤

    76. Topaz Rochelle

      💡🎼 I _only just_ listened to this song _today_ on the radio 😅 and just discovered this demo release, nice! 🎵 I knew Miley Cyrus primarily as Hannah Montana, and quite liked her when I was little. Following Wrecking Ball, I was less of a fan, but even so, I did quite like some of her music, and learnt of her relation to Dolly Parton. I like the idea of independence in this. Immediately I got the lyrical reference to the Bruno Mars song, but not a copy, still unique. For a mainstream 2020s song, Flowers is rather notable 😊💐

    77. Xime 2014

      Su sentimiento es algo que te traspasa

    78. Nicholas Hohwart

      Exquisite. And the melodies on here, man oh man - the best she has produced, I would say, When she hits that 2 chord (the D note when she says “dancing”) those are amazing sounds and inflections.

    79. Bea Prezoutto

      this gives me backyard session vibes. been her fan for 17 years, since the beginning of Hannah Montana and I can tell ya, she never disappoints.

      1. OffRail RussiaGaters

        she can't luv moi betta th ya can, howeva ;)

      2. OffRail RussiaGaters

        caught up more recently.. Backyard was awesome. heh as in durinPandemic same vibe

      3. CallMe누나♠️💙💎👑

        ​@Duy Nguyen wow on my bday!

      4. joy graybill

        So agree!! Love her❤

      5. J M R F 9 5


    80. Mario Urrea

      Wow que poderosa se escucha

    81. Isabelle Burrell

      I’ve never heard something better than this honestly I love your music

    82. Endi2398

      Hay no me dió sentimiento casi que lloro 🥲, estoy siguiendo a Miley desde los 13 años y ya tengo 24 y soy un súper gran fan de ella espero y un día al menos tener el privilegio de ir a un concierto aunque esté atrás en lo último donde no se vea nada

    83. Thayná Soares

      Voz de Deus 🥺

    84. Marilyn Yap

      I'm not one who likes listening to younger generations of Singers. But this song of Miley - Flowers, made me fall in love with her. It made me emotional listening to this song. I now interested watching Miley's, other video songs and interviews and you can tell how smart of a person she is. She's goofy too. Made me happy for her. Big loss for Liam. He never knew what he let go. Wishing you love and peace Miley. Best wishes always....

    85. Cyrus Boy

      Fact: Miley is one of the best singers of her generation. 16 years of passion and great performance! Her skills really can't be tamed, she's creative and always comes back with a different style💗

    86. Karoline Stephanie

      Perfect music!! Love Miley 🌷🥰🥰 From Brazil

    87. Fabiana Torres

      Las dos versiones son increíbles 🫶🏽

    88. Kaj Lennartsson

      Miley Cyrus have a amazing voice. I give the song ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5.

    89. Savannah

      Miley's voice is everything ❤

    90. Kerri66

      Beautiful song! ❤

    91. 5ve

      Miley Cyrus is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song for her one day.

      1. Alana Henderson

        nooo produce for me lmaooo

      2. Michelle Stacy

        I pray all your dreams come true! I can't wait to hear what you write for her.

      3. The Joker

        Mom is mothering

      4. 5ve

        @Antonio Jacquez thank you 🙏🏼 subscribe and be apart of the journey!

    92. aboutsaez

      es como la version con la que puede presentarse en premios o inicios de concierto miley te amo

    93. Donna Casina

      One thing we all have to remember, Miley was deeply hurt, then She put it to paper creating this Great Powerful Anthem of Her Music for ALL (every age) Women, who can relate to Her pain and moving forward!! 😥💔💪🎶❤ You're Amazing Miley!! 👏 🤗 ❤ 🤟

    94. José miguel

      Maravilhosa 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

    95. Kellany Cristina

      Amor próprio é tudo!!🍃❤️

    96. Eunice P.B

      Love Miley stunning song that I can't resist listening that I totally love her voice ❤️ 😊🔥💯😇✨️😘🙏🫶🙌😉👏

    97. peaceloveandbeauty6

      I love how this song works equally well as a sad song and an upbeat song ❤️

      1. Antonia Jane

        Totally agree.

    98. Afiq ITE

      Miley!!! An angel in disguised to bless us with her music!

    99. Moni Díaz

      Esta voz es simplemente arte.❤️

    100. RJ Smith

      I have this on repeat and fall asleep to it I ❤️❤ it that much!!!🥰🥰