Miley Cyrus - Fly On The Wall (From ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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    1. Virginia Santoyo

      The fact she’s still singing this 🙌🏼🙌🏼

      1. Chase Devero

        I wish she sang breakout but it’s I like the nostalgia also! #q❤ueen

      2. Emily Salinas


      3. Handerson Guzmán

        Because She's brake My hurt She's don't

      4. whatsupimlouie

        Yess it’s so good with her rocky vibe and growl

    2. Thales Henri

      I could never explain to another what it was to hear and watch this live… MY CHILDHOOD WAS SCREAMING!!!

      1. NayeliDelgado

        Im watching this now brb let you know how it goes

      2. nittoburn4

        Yess, I could understand, and I always dream of this happening to me. ♡♡

    3. zoe xbm

      POR FIN SACASTE ESTA JOYA Miley, definitivamente está versión Live se escucha y se siente mucho mejor que la original ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    4. Walter Manfred

      Miley Cyrus is one hellava talented lady. She covers so many genres with ease and panache with those sublime vocals of hers. But never would I think that her "rock" vocals will be her best. Already a Living legend and below 30 years some more!

      1. Xavier Frosth

        Yep I agree

    5. SummerWine19

      She needs to do whole Breakout album live 😭😭😭😭

      1. Karri King TV

        Breakout will never get old 😩

    6. moya xoxo

      I hope she records an official rock version of this song. It’s still so good

      1. just another channel

        The original song is electronic rock

    7. Bell C

      Finally this master piece live again... So many years without listen It 🥺✨👌🏼 🪰🪰🪰🪰🪰

    8. Xavier Frosth

      This is awesome, hearing it again since the original release time period, its great nostalgic moment, plus it makes the song much better b/c of Miley's rasp incorporation into this version, makes it sound much more better & sexier, than back then, when the song originally rekeased.

    9. Marijo Islas


    10. dr

      Thanks you Miley for give us this old good jams again 😍🇨🇱

    11. araf lyrics

      *LYRICS:* You don't understand what it is That makes me tick But you wish you did You always second guess,wonder if i say yes but you just lose out every time If you only knew what i talked about When I'm with my friends just hangin' out Then you'd have the inside scoop On what to say, what to do That way when you play the game Baby you could never lose [Chorus:] Don't you wish that you could be a Fly on the Wall A creepy little sneaky little Fly on the Wall All my precious secrets, yeah You'd know them all Don't you wish that you could be a Fly on the Wall You'd love to know, the things I do When I'm with my friends, and not with you Your always second guess, wonder if There's other guys im flirting with You should know by now If you were my boyfriend, I'd be true to you If I make a promise, I'm comin' thru Don't you wish that you could See me every second of the day That way you would have no doubt That baby i would never stray [Chorus:] Don't you wish that you could be a Fly on the Wall A creepy little sneaky little Fly on the Wall All my precious secrets, yeah You'd know them all Don't you wish that you could be a Fly on the Wall A little communication Well that'll go a long way You're getting misinformation Too much hearsay, hearsay and what i say is come a little closer And what I'm gonna say is Don't You Don't You Don't You Don't you wish you were a... Hey! [Chorus:] Don't you wish that you could be a Fly on the Wall A creepy little sneaky little Fly on the Wall All my precious secrets, yeah You'd know them all Don't you wish that you could be a Fly on the Wall

    12. Anyelo Morales

      esa emoción de verla en vivo y cantar esta canción 🔥🔥 te lleva a otro mundo❤️🇨🇱

    13. Catxth

      Escucharlo en vivo es otro nivel 🔥🥵🤩

    14. ddghibli

      You can hear the anger in her voice. Miley’s soul is such a precious and important one. Just her being the forced roll model all through her entire teen years, and America fell in love. I know I did, I used to say “I wanna be Hannah Montana when I grow up” and now looking at it all, she’s been through so much more than I could ever imagine. So much respect for this immensely talented and strong woman.

    15. Cassie Moody

      I remember being a little kid listening and singing to this. I’m glad she done this again.

    16. Nena Villarino

      Miley cyrus is giving me everything again. I feel Brand new again !!!

    17. Elaina Cooper

      My whole childhood!!!!!! Still know every single word to this song

    18. LEanimator

      This is one of my fave Miley tracks 😊 it’s cool to hear it revamped

    19. Steven Granados

      Esta es la Miley de la cuál me enamoré durante años 😭😭😭😭

    20. Dianara Obina

      One of my favorite Miley songsss OMG this was my alarm tone for a long time because it was so loud 😂

    21. Murilo Sousa


    22. Yailin Gutierrez

      Que grande eres ❤️❤️❤️❤️ tan orgullosa de ti 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 tremenda versión

    23. Alan Stone

      Masterpiece ❤️

    24. Sarah Salsa

      This somehow sounds even better, all these years later 🤯 I can't even.


      Amando,lo que es esa voz 😍

    26. D. Marlene Segura


    27. Cata Catalina


    28. Cintia Jaime


    29. D. Marlene Segura

      AWWWWWW!!!! Can’t stop listening to this 🥰🥰❤️

    30. Veronica Giannetti

      N O S T A L G I A but still so powerful

    31. Alonso Martínez Molina


    32. Steven Rush

      I swear these songs grow and mature with you and it's a beautiful sight

    33. Mau Intriago!

      Queen!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    34. MC Alves Portugal

      Beautiful voice 💓💓

    35. Victoria Greyson

      Oh my God. This is my song from the old times. I have played the original music video million times.

    36. maria25smiley

      to listen this when it was dropped and coming back to hear it again with her maturer voice✨🙌🏽

    37. Ratno Tikto

      Love it ✌️❤️

    38. Ann Sitar

      She can really rock n roll she's so good 👍👍👍!!!!

    39. David MacPhee

      I like Miley! She is really funny too! She a creative Artist in every way!

    40. Kim Camargo

      Oh my G!!! My childhood is screaming right now!! Iloveyou Miley!

    41. Simone Illiano

      This song is everything for me♥️

    42. Libertad expresión

      My name is Giovanni Hernández I love you Miley Cyrus Saludos desde Huehuetenango Guatemala Quisiera algún día conocerte y poder escuchar tu hermosa voz en vivo tus hermosas canciones y algún día poder decir que te conocí Gracias por todas las canciones que nos has dado y por la gran serie que protagoniza este Saludos cuídate mucho abrazos y besos

    43. Rosana Graboski


    44. Hammy

      omg i love this version

    45. familiarodrigues rodrigues

      I am brazilian Girl and I like music ''fly on the wall'' and ''see you again''! Thanks Miley cyrus

    46. Nicole Paredes

      te amo ,alegras mi vida ,mientras escribo esto estoy llorando

    47. Mrs. Ackerman

      I bet people was going CRAZY when she sang this after all these years

    48. Randilynn Reed

      Why does this not have alot of views omg this is amazing redo of the song 😭 😍

    49. Abby Rose

      healing my inner child one track at a time

    50. Julieta Puccinelli

      this song in the show, with everyone jumping, amazing

    51. AddictedToPrismaticII


    52. Annett G

      I didn’t know this old song. It’s 🔥

    53. Josue Echers Minaya

      Art 💕

    54. Lianne Lopez-Vito

      Miley should do a new live version of Kicking and Screaming OMG

      1. Karri King TV

        Oh snap! Yes!

    55. GryphonDes

      Myles it has been too long since we talked but daaayuum woman, it is so good to hear these classics getting some love and now with that phenomenal growl underneath!

    56. Marion Lhermitte

      The childhood memories

    57. Javier Molina

      Buen tema

    58. jennessey martel

      She’s doing this for us, the girls

    59. Martina Lombardo


    60. Brandon Jorharmar Useche Rivero

      I Love You Miley Cyrus ❤️🇻🇪❤️

    61. Music is life

      Merci beaucoup Miley 🇫🇷♥️ Can’t wait for see you again

    62. Stefi Mikula

      We really need this!! We love you!!

    63. Lenny Dev7

      Te amoooo 🔥❤️🔥 🥺🇲🇽🇲🇽✨

    64. Belle Lux

      Breakout era was everything 😭😭😭

    65. ayham abuhamdan

      My Miley i love u for ever💜💜💜💜


      I love watching these beautiful hips and listening to their songs. Miley Cyrus 🔥😍😘💐

    67. Brayan Ramirez Jamaica


    68. Светлана Мунтяну

      Oh, how she sings!

    69. Fabián Cruz

      Excelente Rolla

    70. Emily Ash



      ya estaba esperando esto 😀

    72. Josue Echers Minaya

      Next level yasssss 🔥

    73. Jonatan Sánchez

      Miley ❤❤

    74. Monic _Rom

      Im crazy with your most Punk style!! 💯🔥

    75. D. Marlene Segura


    76. Keonie Balaszi


    77. Melissa Vitória

      te amo!! ❤️

    78. Amanda Marks

      My childhood!!!

    79. Sol Britez

      te amo Miley, veni más por latam, acá estamos los mejores del fandom

    80. Silverio Alejo


    81. Brooke N.

      Fucking Classic.

    82. LOBM Lobato

      Miley + guitarras: 10

    83. Cameron Welch


    84. Nilah Monai'

      this used to be my shitttt as a kiddd

    85. Meli Kert

      The first KZsection video I ever saw was a Miley videoclip 😍🥺❤️

    86. yoonjm⁷

      Bu harika bir şarkı Queen

    87. amanda rosendo

      I like your songs and covers so much if you see this comment I would love to hear you sing elvis or one from the movie grease

    88. Надія К


    89. Paola Andrea Arias Lagos

      CHILE MI PAÍS 🥳🇨🇱

    90. Umashankar Dandotiya


    91. Sandra

      the younger me is screamiiinggggg 🤩🤩

    92. Nick G

      Proof that God is real, right here: One time I was driving home and I felt the presence of Jesus come down and he got right by me. I started getting chills and I felt so comfortable with him. I knew if I asked him to play any song he would. So I said "Ok Lord, play Come as you are by nirvana..." I turned on my radio and the song began right on the spot, perfectly. I started getting flooded on the inside like a waterfall of chills by the Holy Spirit and started crying. I got home and he stayed with me for 10 minutes til I got out of the car. Since then, I've been getting answered prayers for nearly 5 years. Many involving other people. I know many other people who get answered prayers. Praying in Jesus name and following the Biblical instructions.

    93. Mari Mini


    94. : Turbo-Scuba: Master.

      Applications illustrative of this blend of technology include fly-sized vehicles carrying different sensors (the "fly on the wall") and possibly equipped with an attack capability, i.e., turning the fly into a "wasp" by giving it a "stinger."

    95. Wendell Navarro

      I love you miley cyrus queen

    96. ISSIZ ADAM

      Yummy looks 🔥😍😘💐

    97. dhruba intisher

      If I remember correctly, the "don'tcha" high note was a flat scream in Argentina, and the only one she attempted during attention tour. How is it on pitch here?! They tuned the hell out of these performances, even the ones from Budlight Concert. She was flat during most parts.

      1. mc vocals

        @dhruba intisher also I just found out in the End of PITUSA on the album there's a run like "Moving my hips like yea-hea-eh-eh-e-yea-eh-eah" its the vocals from NYE 2020 I wonder why they added those in? 🤔

      2. mc vocals


      3. mc vocals

        @dhruba intisher yes

      4. dhruba intisher

        @mc vocals done. Got instagram?

      5. mc vocals

        @dhruba intisher just no more negativity on my channel please

    98. Silverio Alejo


    99. lalau

      i wanted to see this fucking great voice, one day i will!!

    100. nijohn12

      this one is soo much more hardcore oh my god