Miley Cyrus - Like a Prayer (From ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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    Filmed live at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest - Arena, Los Angeles, CA, February 2022
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    1. Takato Mart

      Miley has this strange ability to make every cover sound like it was written for her specifically…Extraordinary talent.

      1. Marque Baker

        It's called good song selection and good arrangement knowing what your vocal ability is.

      2. Siri Lie-Sivertsen

        I prefere madonnas version

      3. Donna A

        My sister just sent me a video of her singing Doll Parts by Hole and she said the exact same thing. I love her for that, so many don't put a spin on covers. This woman can sing anything. 🎶

      4. Manubibi Walsh

        For real though. The only cover I’ve heard her do that I didn’t really love much was Comfortably Numb. But she smashed Nothing Else Matters to bits, has given Jolene a new life, and I’m sure as long as she sings anything BUT the kind of safe, mud trash she was given to perform for a decade, she’ll churn out instant classics. Really. She’s got that kind of voice and expressiveness.

      5. My You

        She feels like mocking the lines i hear your voice its like the angels sighing. . Feels like flying. . . O god I think Im fallin. . .when madonna does this she probably believed her lines. Maybe just these 2 points to compare.

    2. HRacingGreen

      Mileys voice is unreal but man the band absolutely killed it

      1. ken gruz

        And Miley seems to regulariy acknowledge her band members and vocalists on stage during performance. I really appreciate that about her.

      2. Brian

        Rebuttal;]LOVE, just as Podigey Matches Shekirah, bar none !!!'[

      3. Brian

        Kindly Killed it Hobeit Amen !'

      4. Downtown Devers

        and the backing singers

    3. Bailey

      She gets better and better as the years go on

      1. Sergio Bocanegra

        She definitely does she's not that bubble gum Disney channel kid she's a gown soul

      2. Michelle

        She really does!

      3. Mr Zimm

        Her dad wrote achy breaky heart what else do you expect?

      4. iggles73

        That's how it's supposed to go.

    4. Adrianna Fitzwater

      I love how everyone in her band seems to love working with her.

      1. Cecy

        It seems to me like is because she is very respectful with them and let them shine on camera

      2. Kowalski

        She has had the same band since she was 12, so yeah, they are definitely a great team.

    5. Deyver Fuentebella

      The fearlessness, the grit and rasp, the emotions, she's the only worthy singer to be the heir of Madonna, and yet she stands for her own and she's s her own legend. Amazing singer and performer!!

      1. Youtube User

        @Donald Salkovick she only released a remix album that charted within the top 10 of multiple countries last year and became a top 10 best physical seller of 2022 and is now about to go on tour that’s sold out 😂😂 Madonna will never be a has been in terms of music she’s had the career every major solo artist wishes for

      2. Ferdinand Negrón

        @Mibuk Desjarlais LMAO I got a stroke reading that 😭😭

      3. Mibuk Desjarlais

        @Donald Salkovick Huh??? 🤨

      4. Donald Salkovick

        Heir to who? Madonna is a long since has been

    6. Nick Follett

      She needs to do a full album of covers of classic songs she rocks them

      1. Nina noneya

        She does. I downloaded it from Amazon music.

      2. MikeSport


      3. rick nowak

        @Michael Guedel Yeah Michael. Come to think of it Miley Cyrus looks a little bit like that girl Hannah Montana. That used to be on TV. I wonder if they're related .

      4. ?

        Taylor Swift could never she needs to be the face of the country pop girlies.

      5. Haneen Al-Mohannadi

        @its Benito je🎉 I I’m

    7. Sebastian Schwippe

      I never thought I would become a fan of Miley Cyrus. Absolutely great performance.

    8. ekrupa2010

      I admit a few years back I wasn't too enamored with Miley due to some of her behavior, but now I realize we all do stuff we may regret later and who the hell am I to judge anyone. She is SO f'g talented. Could listen to her all day. Her covers are just amazing.

      1. My You

        @Pumpnix ᯾ᯣᯮᯣ᯾ what if *plot twist* it was all part of the plan 👀

      2. KamikazekaitoKoki

        So true!

      3. Mr B VR

        She was young, life's about learning and experience.

      4. Pumpnix ᯾ᯣᯮᯣ᯾

        She did everything she did for a reason. Disney basically owned her and her literal name. When she went (wrecking)balls to the wall, they wanted nothing to do with her anymore and she was able to own her own self and creativity-and now we have what we just watched and all the amazing music and shows she has done since ❤ Miley, she is a phenomenal performer and artist

      5. MrMustangMan


    9. um qualquer

      Só ficava imaginando um feat dela se a Bonnie Tyler cantasse ainda com essas vozes de Deusas,seria o feat da historia humana😍

    10. Kacieny Monteiro

      A energia caótica dela cantando Madonna, com uma voz impecável, chapéu de cowboy e cabelinho de Eliana na era dos dedinhos, é meu tudo! Miley, eu te amo imensamente

    11. Janice Michelle

      There is NOTHING that she can't sing !! So much passion. She makes the song her own.

    12. Eva Dres

      Someone said her voice is like wine, gets better with age. I couldn't agree more. Fabulous voice

      1. Jenny Metzger


      2. Ivonne Rubina Rios

        @Miley Ray Cyrus 💗

      3. Lori Neubauer

        Like Lady Gagas

      4. Hagan Reed

        @Natasha Taylor yeah that's actually from vocal cord damage she had a while back

      5. Mississippi Cajun

        I say she also got quite a few lessons from her godmother, the legendary Dolly Parton. That is another lady who has only gotten better with age.

    13. Gabby M

      Miley puts so much heart and emotion in this song. Only someone who is honest and true to themselves can convey that much authenticity in their art. I really admire Miley for staying true to herself.

      1. Madison Malena

        this is a cover for the BOOKS!

    14. Rachael Taylor

      Amazing vocals. Such an iconic queen

      1. tony padd

        @Miley Cyrus Private hahahhaha

      2. Miley Cyrus Private

        Hello Luckiest fan !!😍 I appreciate you guys for your continuos love, I’m glad you never stop supporting me .. feel free to contact me through email address on the description of the channel. Promise to FaceTime with you as a top fan. love you all ❤️❤️

    15. Jesus11

      I used to judge her on some of her recent antics, but honestly, she is a great singer and owns that stage. Such a special person to have these talents. Great Cover!

      1. Cara G

        I appreciate you both saying this. I've been watching/listening to Miley since her HM days, used to watch with my eldest niece, and I've always loved her. She is a very special kind of talent but more specifically, Miley Cyrus KNOWS who she is and always has. She is 100% unapologetically herself at all times, regardless of what she's doing or where she is on her journey, and she owns it. That level of self-awareness and self-determination is extremely admirable. It makes me so happy to see the entire world being commanded to stop and take notice of her in the last two weeks. She's an astonishing talent and a remarkable person.

      2. Maria Speirs

        Same. Its only recently that I've started to really pay attention to her amazing vocals. I love her covers of songs 🎵

    16. utente1503

      her voice, the chorus and the band… JUST AMAZING

      1. SuperReezyBaby

        Her band has ALWAYS been amazing!

    17. Aaron

      Miley has grown on me over the years. Her music has matured and her voice and performances gotten better and better. This girl has such a range, such talent from Wrecking Ball, through to Midnight Sky and covers like this

    18. larry arriola

      Miley was born to sing. Her voice is everything and more.

      1. Adam Kaufman

        And Miley makes it all worth it

      2. BigT

        Literally was aswell she was made in a lab with all other Disney performers

      3. Adam Kaufman

        This deserves to win Grammys

    19. Igor Siqueira

      Sinceramente, a melhor cantora dos últimos tempos Olha essa voz!

    20. Frankie and Heather Robertson

      This was freaking amazing. One of the best covers of all time.

    21. Wendy Laan

      I love her voice, her style, her energy ... she is bloody awesome!

    22. richard guu

      Cómo canta Miley... cualquier canción interpreta..una verdadera cantante y profesional

    23. Felix

      Después de los rolling estones ,se convirtió en mi artista favorita,no tiene nombre,es una artista simplemente fenomenal

    24. Camila Ribeiro

      She knows better than any other current artist how to do covers. She’s amazing.

      1. Josh Craven


      2. Eric Ryan Yawl

        @Bunny Frosting Kelly Clarkson

      3. Cassandra Wheeler

        Miley, Adam Lambert, and Kelly Clarkson- kings and and queens of covering songs

      4. Jack Biviano

        Lady Gaga can do heaps as well !

      5. Jodi Michelle Schoenherr

        Indeed ❌⭕️💯

    25. Jennifer L.

      Miley has it made, she's got the voice, the confidence & she's so pretty. You go girl ! Good vibe influence. We could all use what she's got. ❤️

    26. Lu lu

      Sus versiones son las mejores! Es una artista increíble!

    27. Agata

      Najlepsza piosenkarka na Świecie ! ❤

    28. August1998

      I'm so sorry that she had to go through the pain of what happened to her vocal cords, but I love her voice now. It really proves how much of a technical singer she is.

    29. multibangen

      Cada dia mejor artista, genial!!!!!!!! Extraordinarios todos sus covers!!!

    30. Jenna Cocagne-Giegerich

      People forget she’s got 15 years of stage experience- of course she puts on a fabulous show. Miley is iconic ✨

      1. stacyann825

        15? Girl, she's been doing this since she was 12 years old!!!

      2. TB

        i dont care Barry me in this cover

      3. Tim Kerns

        @Hypogonadism Well, I like it and I'm somebody!

      4. Una Vladetic

        Of course. Bravo. 👌👍

      5. Mibuk Desjarlais

        Eternal Life That's what you do for a living??? Yikes....maybe you should try getting an actual life....😬

    31. Uriel Vargas

      Me pusiste la piel de gallina. Dios te bendiga siempre mi chiquita preciosa. Gracias por existir.

    32. darco nah

      She can do everything. Pop, Hip Hop, country, rock.

    33. ines_magalhaes

      I get goosebumps every time I hear her voice … Jesus!

    34. Светлана Мунтяну

      I admire her voice.

    35. Maricruz Chacón

      Miley, usted es de otro mundo. Nivel de artista

    36. Lauren Ralph

      Finally - She's grown enough and experimented enough that she's realized she doesn't need a genre. She can sing anything and make it her own. Labels are overrated. Just being HER is perfect. 🧡❤

      1. Will Javid Johnson Osanlu

        I think you nailed it...good job

      2. Daniel Gamboa

        Loooove this 💫

      3. Major Duke


      4. Lauren Ralph

        @David O'Silverman Thank you. 🙏❤

      5. David O'Silverman

        Exactly this ☝️

    37. prissy pants

      My God! Her vocals are so POWERFUL! She never is off on tones or notes, EITHER....WHAT A TALENT

    38. lucero carrillo

      Lo máximo 😻😻😻😻hermosa voz Miley cyrus

    39. Soarez Hyago

      Que artista fantástica😍

    40. Bruno Lopes

      Essa interpretação é muito melhor que a original. Miley transforma músicas simples em uma grande obra de arte. Ela deveria fazer um álbum inteiro dedicado somente à interpretação de músicas antigas.

    41. Casondra Jent

      I have grown to like her over the years, she is very talented and she works hard and loves her fans. IDK she doesn't strike me as the stuck up kind like some others I have seen. She doesn't care to express herself and she is outspoken and thats what I love to see in a woman. Great job on this cover Miley, I love it!!. 💓

    42. JuanmaTV

      Her voice is so unique. She definitely needs more recognition

      1. Nolan Winter

        @Iam Sam Lol. Troll

      2. Nolan Winter

        @CandleLight1974 Stevies voice at its best is more melodic than Mileys but, the tone of their voices are very similar. Both great singers in my opinion.

      3. Waxcrazy

        @OGRE !!!! no but it’s still great to get Grammys even tho it’s a scam

      4. OGRE !!!!

        @Waxcrazy oh, so the whole point is how many streams an artist gets?

      5. Waxcrazy

        @OGRE !!!! streams go up because Grammys are a big thing to get. I personally disagree with loads of decisions Grammys have made but regardless, if u win one it will boost you

    43. Alyssa K

      She’s so versatile I swear. She nails any cover

    44. Lan Teng-Goon

      Love this, 100 times better than the original 🙏

      1. Miriam Reyes Btz

        Both are good

    45. Jessica Bosch

      Why does it feel like every single song Miley sings, even covers, was written specifically for her. She is so talented.

    46. Shelly Dee

      Not a fan of hers but wow, love this and a few other covers she's done

      1. ʞiɯ ɐllǝu

        please listen to her Plastic Hearts album. I'm sure you'll like it.

    47. Dick Turpin

      Love her vocals

    48. Daniel Alvarado

      The versatility of their voice to make the covers sound incredible

      1. Adam Kaufman

        Miley is always great 😊

      2. Pilar RR

        Their voice?

      3. Vincent Ruvo

        @Gloria Che Ok. If you say so.

      4. AdoringlyMiley

        @Stefan Alexandrescu it’s she 😭

    49. Jakob Whale

      The fact that she performs so many covers alongside her own stuff really proves how much she loves and does it all *for the music* firstly.

    50. AnonN

      love this woman's vocals. Absolute powerhouse and nails any genré😍🙏🏻

    51. P NUT

      Love her voice!!

    52. Jasmine James

      I absolutely love this version of this song. The music the vocals instrumental amazing! I can't stop replaying this over and over and over again. It's that good! I love Miley's raspiness and her voice in this. It's amazing! ❤️

    53. The Phoenix

      That was powerful. Awesome cover

    54. Heather Lynn

      She has really transformed into, in my opinion, one of the best female vocalists. There are songs I didn’t like by the original artist…now, she has changed my opinion. I love 80s-90s Madonna, but Miley’s twist and guttural tone revived it.

      1. The Oracle

        I love Miley but its apparent you haven't heard Susan Tedeschi, or Sierra Ferrell

      2. Virginia Corvello

        I like how you put it…her guttural tone. Idk why but she kind of reminds me of Carly Simon in this cover. She’s got such amazing talent and people just always see her as Hannah Montana or as this out of control young woman, but she definitely has grown into this amazing woman!



      4. Evi Pevi

        Eternal Life ??????

    55. Enrique Ortiz

      Arte las actuaciones de Miley 🥺❤️❤️

    56. $hå¥ frøm*ATL*

      She can cover anything i swear and sounds absolutely perfect!!

    57. Sindi and Winnie

      Holy crap this is amazing. Im personally not a fan of Miley but this is just amazing. This is recorded live too, that voice is spectacular. Its better than the original. Goosebumps listening to it... wow

    58. darren somers

      never thought id say this but she is an absolutely amazing singer, every cover she does is top top class

    59. Chris Lai

      Love her voice

    60. BuffysBiggestFan

      She’s one of the few singers/actors who I once could not stand, and who has sincerely grown on me. She has aged exactly like fine wine, a far cry from her wrecking ball days, from her style, to her voice, to the image she’s giving us. She‘S done an amazing job.

      1. Worldwide Wyatt

        She was excellent in the Wrecking Ball days too but society was throwing mud on her because she dared to be openly sexual in that time period.

      2. Meluczindah McHenry

        Wrecking ball had a tragic video but was a fantastic pop song that showed her great voice. Had she filmed it with some sort of rural landscape theme, sadly riding on horseback looking into the sunset, it would have been deemed one of the best heartbreak songs of all time. Nonetheless I am glad to see her grow up and be confident.

    61. Cassette Head

      Miley is more than amazing! She has a one of a kind talent.She rocked on stage with Billie Idol ,sang with Dolly Pardon..etc There's nothing she can't do and her voice is one of a kind.God I love Miley !❤️She deserves more credit in the music industry. 👍✌️❤️Her doing like a prayer in my opinion , was more enjoyable than than hearing Madonna singing her own song!

    62. jannanana

      Miley's voice and performance skills age like a fine wine.

    63. tonatiuh ortiz

      Que gran talento de esta mujer ❤

    64. Harold Bayford

      I am obsessed with her voice. I love her whole persona.

    65. Brittany Hultstrom

      this is such a joy to watch. She is so authentic and in her element. I love it.

    66. Brandi Wurtz

      Man I like her cover better than the original. Never thought I would say that

      1. MrMustangMan

        no way, girlfriend.... BUT..... it's a close 2nd....

      2. Mitch

        Its not even close madonna crushes her. What are you smoking?

      3. Dino Girón

        Madonna's voice suits better the subject of the song

      4. Rambaldi100

        no, its really good but no

      5. Kiri Tuhi

        I am surprised that I ageee!!

    67. Nathi ...

      Best Version ever of this Song, her voice is so.... 🔥❤️👌

    68. Bi Curious Dirt Bike Boi

      Shes such a true talent. I'm so glad she is finally getting the respect she deserves!

    69. Luan Felisardo

      Voz maravilhosa insubstituível

    70. m.

      Ama y adora su carrera, porque da toda tu alma, espíritu y esfuerzo en todas tus canciones.

    71. Cristian Sanchez

      Tremenda versión. A los huesos de una

    72. Dino Girón

      Miley has been reminding me a lot of Madonna lately, she is always reinventing herself and is such a rebel. Love them both ♡

      1. Lisa Mcdonald

        @atlantidaunderground She imitated Madonna by taking her clothes off for attention early on. It worked for both of them commercially, but I didn't respect either as an artist until they moved past that stage. Then, surprise! There is talent and intelligence, not just a hot body to display. All that aside, Madonna has been doing her thing since before Miley was born. Comparisons are not appropriate.

      2. wig 5000

        @Daniel Byrne a lot of nerve coming from someone with a profile picture that looks like that. Sit down daniel you’re pushing 50s behaving like a high school mean girl it’s embarrassing

      3. Ohno!it'sthecatman

        @Jonathan Guzmán Vázquez Correct, correct, correct. Madonna was & is queen 😉

      4. Xti Cleo

        Miley just sings way better

    73. Joanna Encomienda

      She sings her heart out as usual

    74. Marcelo Torquatto

      I’m 31, my 23 yo sis has been obsessed with Miley as I was with Britney and our dad loves Madonna! We all share different music taste and enjoy it all! Mikey is amazing and iconic!

      1. elida gjika

        You were with Britney?!?Me tooo

      2. Linda S Dawson

        Ad Miley can sing all those artists, as if it were her own song!,

    75. Silvergirl7

      When you see performances like this it makes you want to be a rock star so bad!

      1. Matías Mansilla

        Siento lo mismo!!

    76. Evi Pevi

      Someone just give her a grammy for *** sake! She is the best artist of today! Period!

    77. Rohanna F

      No one does a cover like Miley, this is too good.

    78. Summer Brooke

      She's got such a unique voice that just gets better with age. Fine like wine 🍷

    79. Stephanie Fröhlich

      I‘m shocked! I didn’t know that she can sing like that Brilliant!! Really amazing

    80. JoeBloggs

      She has such a distinctive voice and can make any song her own, she's mint!

    81. Leslie Mccann

      This is the music she should keep doing. It suits her voice perfectly

    82. Rayssa Camille Melo

      meu Deus obrigada por me permitir ouvir essa mulher cantar

    83. RaccoonPlaysGames

      Her voice is just amazing, any song she covers it just suits it so much.

    84. Energetic Beauty

      I like how she is so passionate about every cover almost as if she wrote them they’re so perfect for her her voice is so powerful and if ppl can’t see it or hear it it’s bc we’re so lost in meaningless music and mediocre pop

      1. Brianna Alejo

        Fr this. I grew up as a kid watching Miley on Hannah Montana. I knew she could sing. But she really peaked in her vocals after the show, and transformed to one of the most versatile yet under-appreciated female vocalist today. Everyone remembers her as Hannah Montana, but I remember her as a badass rockstar performer

      2. Ivan Arnaudov

        That girl is 25% human and 75% music.

    85. Lionel j

      MILEY , es la Reyna y Diosa del rock y pop , no entiendo porque no la nombran en los Emmys , ella se merece eso y mucho mas , Miley es unicaaa

      1. jessy

        La industria por eso la odia

      2. jessy

        Porque ella siempre ah ido en contra del sistema y de lo que la industria quiere que venda ella como una chica pop basica... Ella ah dicho que no le interesan esas cosas..ella canta por amor a la musica.

    86. ANA LOBO

      Escoge tan bien sus canciones y las interpreta mejor que las originales. Me fascina

    87. Valentino Vega

      Miley’s voice has always been powerful very strong chest voice and beautiful intonation to her songs

    88. Noel Ormonde

      Just when you think she can’t get any better ??? She does Wow 🤩

    89. Lucas Rocha

      Miley has a special place in my heart, amazing cover.

    90. ZhanaZee

      She sounds amazing and the background vocalists are fantastic. The band was also on fire!!!!

      1. Jeff Briody

        @A L You can tell she appreciates their talent and truly enjoys performing with them. It's a level of class you don't see a lot but when you do you just know you are watching a superstar.

      2. A L

        I like how she gives them credit for their talent

    91. MsElectricLover

      Her voice is so uniquely beautiful, she has this very American feel to her, it’s so engaging and powerful

    92. John Smith

      My fave of the young singers. She’s been through a lot so young and you can hear it in her voice. ❤❤❤❤ A rock star .

    93. Steven Ross

      This is really good. I heard this on random on my Amazon music and I didn't know it was her. I must admit, I had no idea she could sing so well live. I dismissed her as another manufactured pop star.

      1. Steven Ross

        @Brian Wilson No. She and Miley Cyrus are two completely different people.

      2. Brian Wilson

        You are thinking of Hannah Montana

    94. Remigijus Dizerskis

      Love that every cover she makes unique 😍😎

    95. KW Aus

      Never really crossed my mind to watch Mikey Cyrus, BUT she killed this. I've watched a few YT vids of her covering iconic songs and they've all been amazing. Go girl, she rocks.

      1. Archive 904

        Her cover of Doll Parts, Communication, Fade Into You etc are amazing

    96. Tee Hamilton

      i'm not a fan of a lot of her songs but damn, I fucking love her raspy voice. i wanna hear more covers of classic songs from her.

      1. Joe Riccioni

        Her cover of Jolene is also amazing.

      2. luis morales

        Listen to cover = i'll take care of you !! Is amazing !

      3. Curtis Holsinger

        @NOSE TELLY Sure. Ok.

      4. ChristophP

        Don't miss out on her cover of Nothing else matters by Metallica. It's magical

      5. NOSE TELLY

        The idolatry for the Baphomet is blind to the masses!

    97. Richard Thompson

      She has a great voice, great range and she keeps true to the original. Many artists take a song and change it so much that it simply doesn't work. She has perfected the "cover" formula.

    98. Cyber Mouche

      What a beautiful voice . Miley is great and 😍 Amazing👐💗❤️🌺

    99. Hanson

      Miley is so loaded with talent her re-makes of old famous songs sound better then the originals

      1. Evi Pevi

        They sure do!

    100. mia_papaya

      This song is one of the best humans have ever created... and Miley just elevated it further like she always does