Miley Cyrus - Never Be Me (From ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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    Filmed live at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest - Arena, Los Angeles, CA, February 2022
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    1. Miley Nation 13

      Never be me is a masterpiece actually

      1. Linda S Dawson

        True a MASTERPIECE that already is becoming a true classic, look at all the people that this song"was written for them their story" course that's like the one sermon we remember that was all about us, lol this song and FLOWERS, ..WILL BE CLASSIC MASTERPIECES. truly an amazing piece of artistic music by MILEY. Have to admit, at MY age, her music has touched me like no other music has. I'm awake alive I can feel again...ty Miley

      2. Linda S Dawson

        @Crixalis Koo I play THIS version over 20x a day no lie, I workout to it, on loop, and add Flowers.....In heaven in my head with her music playing dancing to my car, from car to house, dancing cuttn loose to this song and Flowers. Ty Miley. Lonely Widow Loves This

      3. Peak Warrior


      4. Régis

        Is based on the From Whom Bell Tolls, Bee Gees

      5. Andez


    2. P bower

      The way she sounds exactly like the actual song’s audio is insane. Incredible vocal control. She’s probably the only artist I would pay to go see live, you 100% would get a passionate. show, insane vocals, and know you’re supporting such an honest good-hearted person.

      1. Graypaws

        @z76 par not even close

      2. lilly grace

        @André Renis 100%

      3. z76 par

        This song is a copycat of angele balance ton quoi its ridiculous

      4. riley66tennyson

        @ohwelljamie it was. The producers sound mixed and added sounds from other lives for the purpose of the live album. I was there

      5. karlyq1411

        ive seen her in person she sounds just like this….it’s indescribable…if u ever get the chance to see it

    3. Shahrul Iqhwan

      This song deserve better, should be number 1 on billboard for weeks!

      1. Diego Matamoros


      2. Daisy Castillo

        Totally agreeeeee

    4. Cheri

      I cry every time she sings "but if you're looking for stable, that'll never be me."

      1. Judy Keith

        @Maribel Carranza It does. It says “ If you’re looking for stable ” That’ll never be me.” If you’re looking for faithful, that’ll never be me.” Both of them.

      2. Maribel Carranza

        Oh I thought it said faithful😂😂thanks

      3. Cheri

        @Nitidus thank you 💛💛

      4. Nitidus

        But also, "If you think that I'm someone to give up and leave - that'll never be me." Stay strong.

    5. Dana :-/

      I love how she improved her voice throughout the years and how strong and stable it is now. I’ve seen artists complain about how they’re not great singers and talking about how they work hard but you listen to their music and it’s evident that they don’t work hard and never tried improving while you can see artists like Miley who don’t have to tell people how hard they work, they just show it and that’s admirable

      1. wala ako magawa

        she found her genre

      2. aster

        @Sassou no she doesn't hide her real voice when she was Hannah Montana. I think she got a surgery on her throat before because of overusing it she got some problem with her voice that's why it became rasphy sound but it suit her best now and she used her tone now well

      3. Sassou

        I also believe that she's gained more leeway on her sound. She hid her raspy tone during her Hannah Montana and pop Idol years and now, she gets to do what she wants and sing stuff that she writes. I believe that's why it is more suited to her voice.

      4. Mo Mo

        OK, professional.

      5. Alicia Letona


    6. Duardo Mendoza

      This song is a masterpiece, and oh my God, how Miley sings and performs it with such passion and feeling is the best thing in this universe. I am literally crying. Thank you Miley for giving us so much art...

      1. Jeanne Ash

        She's living it xo

      2. André Renis


    7. M Alotaibi

      I can't control how much i love her, her voice, her shows and her looks. Angel

      1. Margo jo Leary

        Right there with you. All of a sudden I'm a total stan! But proud of it- she's fkn amazing.

      2. Remi Gofflo


      3. Armanda Matteoni

        Qui sei dolcissima senza però tralasciare. La tua. Determin. Se mm

      4. AKG

        Love her Mom too. Amazing Women.

      5. Remi Gofflo


    8. Jakob Whale

      She performs so many incredible covers that people could see past what a great songwriter she is herself. What a beautiful performance!

      1. Miley Ray Cyrus

        Hello super fan How are you doing?

    9. Melania Gheorghe

      Legendary performance! Plus she wrote this. She' s a rockstar, go Miley!

    10. Mariam KVS

      Not only the song is a masterpiece but this live performance👏❤️

    11. Agnimitra

      Miley sounds even better when singing live! And the last part of this song, goosebumps. The lyrics are soo good!!

    12. Gianfranco Perrotta

      Que genial estar en una época dónde podemos escuchar esta canción en vivo, así sea a lo lejos❤️‍🔥

    13. Paola Saldaña

      No hay descripción para ese sentimiento que transmite en cada canción. MILEY DIOSA✨

      1. Emiliano R.

        Yo la empecé a escuchar para criticarla... Y me cerró el Tuje. Es la nro 1

      2. Emiliano R.

        Temazo... Mal!

      3. Emiliano R.

        @NEKRON qué pasó?

      4. NEKRON

        Si, pero gran parte de ese dolor. Es por que fue ya sabes quien... 👉👱🏻‍♀️ eso lo causó un transtorno de personalidad.

    14. Brenda Lya

      Y siempre será mi canción favorita del album🔥

    15. 1tarat72

      This song is brilliant ! This lady writes real songs it took my breath away the first time I heard -just tonight -damn it captures everything in one song!! Girl can’t sing badly if she tried! Amazing

    16. Kateřina Plesníková

      I've been a fan for a long time. I can say I'm the OG Hannah Montana fan. I grew up with Miley. I love her, everything what she does. Her music is a masterpiece and she's making history rn. She sound's exactly like the studio version. I'm stunned. I love you Miley. Keep doing what you love, keep being you because you are amazing.

    17. Yeismy Alejandra Cubides Mora

      La pasión con que trasmites tus letras es idescriptible me prudecen una sensación que no es posible explicar como amo a esta gran Mujer

    18. Emma Louise

      The fact that this is live is insane. She sounds exactly like the album, her voice is unreal.

    19. Gabriel calixto

      Miley consegue deixar as músicas melhores ainda no ao vivo, e é por isso que eu amo essa mulher pqp.

      1. V1n1V1n1

        Ela fez mágica na música Sonho por Sonho do Leandro e Leonardo.

      2. Guillermo Lorenzo Cristaldo Gimenez

        Eso eleva el nivel de un artista que perfecciona ese detalle

    20. Gabriel Garcia

      I know I do this every time I walk the line, I play with fire And I stop myself before the crime I walk the line, yeah, I play with fire I don't wanna push you way too much I don't wanna lean that way too far I don't wanna ever learn the hard way But if you're looking for stable, that'll never be me If you're looking for faithful, that'll never be me If you're looking for someone to be all that you need That'll never be me (Hard as I try) That'll never be me (I play with fire) Dry your tears now, don't you cry I'm by your side, at least for a while I know I do this every time I walk the line, yeah, I play with fire I don't wanna push you way too much I don't wanna lean that way too far I don't wanna ever learn the hard way, no I don't wanna keep you in the dark I don't wanna gamble with your heart I don't wanna ever leave you lonely But if you're looking for stable, that'll never be me If you're looking for faithful, that'll never be me If you're looking for someone to be all that you need That'll never be me (Hard as I try) That'll never be me (I play with fire) Can't get too close to the sun (fire) Baby, you're the only one, oh, I I'd never lie to you, baby, oh (fire) You give me a reason to run from the fire 'Cause, baby, you're the only one Oh, I swear I'd never lie If you're looking for stable, that'll never be me But I hope that I'm able to be all that you need If you think that I'm someone to give up and leave That'll never be me, no If you think that I'm someone to give up and leave That'll never be me (Hard as I try) That'll never be me, no (I play with fire) That'll never be me

      1. Kenia Huamaní

        I love Miley 💕

      2. Life is Just a Classroom


      3. Duardo Mendoza

        Thank you so much :)


      I can't explain how I feel my heart is somehow connected with her talent. I genuinely love her as an artist, she gets me every time she sings. This is real talent here and I'll never get tired to love her and be proud of her.

    22. konoka491

      My favorite song of Miley, so personal and beautiful. And this live version gives me thrills. I wish to see her in live one day, if she come's in Europe 🥰

    23. Larissa

      A voz dela é ainda muito mais mágica ao vivo 😍😍😍

    24. papimafia

      que voz, que mujer. TE AMO MILEY

    25. Esteban Gualteros

      One of her best ballads!! I had the opportunity to listen to her live and it was an incredible experience, Miley was going through a difficult situation that day but she still went out to sing and gave a performance that came from her heart, personally I had never seen a live artist sing like that, it was perfect and very emotional ❤️

      1. GeekieLizzie

        I’d never heard of Inspired even tho I’m a big Miley fan and I just listened to it and wow. Thank you for mentioning it

      2. Pedro Pablo Calderón

        mi amiga bilingüe

      3. K. Thomaz

        yes this is my favorite and the live version is just as incredible ❤

      4. Albert Ismawan

        Yeah I love all her ballads. They are all great. Angels Like You, High, Slide Away, Inspired, Younger Now, and so on...

    26. zen zen

      I can feel it, the song 🥺 Miley you're a great artist

    27. Caio

      a minha favorita do álbum aaaaa

    28. Harrison T. Tran

      I love everything about her. She is so not pretentious and so confident. I love her sooo much ❤

    29. Alana Spagnolo

      I’m obsessed with her voice, her look and her talent. I can’t get enough.

    30. Gabriella Emim

      mds eu te amo :((((( essa performance ficou PERFEITA 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    31. Esma

      She is the definition of SHE ROCKS!⚡

      1. Ewelina Sz


    32. Johanna Moreyra

      Esta canción es todo lo que está bien, sos MAGIA Miley ✨✨✨✨✨✨❤

    33. diego gallardo

      realmente cuando escuche su album nunca me llamo la atencion escuchar este tema pero desde que ha hecho presentaciones cantandola en vivo ahora es de mis favoritas por siempre “ neber be me “ 😍😍👑👑👑

    34. JHON VERAT

      Never be me, literalmente Es una obra de arte que ah creado Miley... Todo lo que hace Miley es tan único.

    35. Angela Bonoso

      Esta música é uma das mais lindas dela! Miley é uma grande artista! O seu talento e versatilidade me encantam.

    36. Duardo Mendoza

      Miley you are great and legendary as always. Your voice and interpretation is one of the best in the music industry. We love this new live album.

    37. angel peabody

      This song really helped me during quarantine, i really love the last chorus, "but im hope that im able to be all that you need, if you think that i'm someone to give up and leave, that will never be me" thank you miley for this song

    38. Katie Ziegler

      Jesus she's talented. I have spent so many years saying I wasn't a fan due to previous antics...but, wow. Miley is supremely talented.

    39. Luana Cardoso



      I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner

    41. Tonya Jacobs

      Love this song & love how she sings it. It's truth it's real you feel it

    42. Leticia

      Minha faixa favorita! 💕💕💕

    43. Carolina Monteiro

      Canta muito 🥰

      1. Mitt-Dan Féllix C. Dasilva

        @Akerke ❤️👅

      2. Akerke

        Vem de família!

    44. Dry💛

      Ela sempre foi muito talentosa, mas ela evoluiu mais ainda esses últimos anos❤

    45. dheyvid Fhelipe

      Ela faz tudo. Thanks Miley, i love u❤️🇧🇷

    46. Larissa

      Essa versão ao vivo foi muito melhor que a versão gravada em estúdio

    47. Jacob Lianhna

      I always feel like crying every time I hear this song..Miley, you're such an amazing songwriter

    48. wanderlust

      Her songs are so catchy yet so meaningful

    49. Georgia Smith

      My favourite song on the album, so glad she finally sang it live! Hopefully she goes on a worldwide tour, I would love to see her

    50. Jorge Verbel

      Me encanta esta canción! ❤️

    51. Gustavo Gröner

      Pure talent!

    52. Alejandro Estrada

      Escuxhar a Miley me da mil años de vida 💛

    53. ANA LOBO

      Si capacidad musical es inmensa. Para mí es un genio de la interpretación Brava !!!!

    54. TheRealSpaceship

      Mi canción favorita de Plastic Hearts suena tan bien en vivo, MILEY TE QUEREMOS MUCHO GRACIAS POR TODO

    55. Kefren Medina

      Insuperable esta cancion!!!♥

    56. Gabriela Cruz

      Miley Cyrus sin duda alguna hace la mejor interpretación en esta canción. Me hiciste llorar.

    57. Tatiana Escobar Montes

      Amo esta canción... ❤ cuando no puedes buscar en los demás lo que no está en ti.

    58. Paulo Roberto

      Man, I love this woman so much. His personality, charisma, voice. It's definitely amazing. Songs with a fatal combination of energy, soul and emotions

    59. Clarissa Carvalho

      Dona da minha vida desde 2007. Que orgulho dessa mulher meu deus eu amo tanto

    60. JHON VERAT

      Está es de mis canciones favoritas ♥️♥️♥️

    61. Bruno Muny

      Une charmante voix qui résonne dans mes oreilles c'est un vrai bonheur et magnifique Miley Cyrus ❤️

    62. Sixtytooze

      I am really liking her recent rock covers and collaborations. Do more please!

    63. just an ordinary girl

      É incrível como ela simplesmente não falha, a maior que temos

    64. María Fernanda Rodríguez

      Her voice is incredibly powerful. She was born to be a rockstar 🤩

    65. Ben Sandquist

      It’s been a whole month of me coming back to watch this every. single. day. No one compares to miley

    66. Bruno Montoro

      Esses vocais impecáveis 😍🙌

    67. Star Sena

      Such a hard thing to accept but Miley sings about it so beautifully I love her! her music has been helping me to heal

    68. Jesus Escalante

      I'll never forget hearing her singing this song live at Lollapalooza Argentina

    69. Gage Hill

      That second verse into the chorus “never leave you lonely” gives me chills studio version and live


      Brutal la actuación!! Esta mujer se mejora por momentos !

    71. ryan padayachy

      For those saying it’s not fully live, check the audience fan video. The end of this Music Video was added at some point since she did not sang the whole end of the song live at this festival. She’s a legit legend 🔥💯

    72. Emerson Santos

      Eu amo tanto essa música 🥺❤️

    73. Megan Morrell

      Her voice is pure perfection she didn’t make a single mistake 😭 love her

    74. Eszter Nagy

      One of my favourite songs from Miley,its coming from the heart.

    75. nikhil reddy

      It's sounds way to magical than the original 🔥

    76. Atwan Rasdy

      I discovered this song a year ago without knowing I will find my love and this is our story. Now we listen to this song every single day.

    77. Carlos ANTONIO DA SILVA

      A melhor musica da carreira de miley Cyrus Never Be Me top essa mulher canta demais muito maravihosa

    78. JHON VERAT

      Una mujer admirable!!!!! Latam te ama Miley 👑♥️

    79. Cristian Galindo

      Su voz sale idéntica a como la grabo amo❤️

    80. Махмуд Махмудов

      i'm never stop listening her, даже если придётся постоянно её слушать мне не надоест, королева🤩

    81. Juanvi

      Miley's new voice is just out of this world. Amazing performance of one of my favourite tracks from Plastic Hearts. I already loved this song and the live version is again a masterpiece. Thanks Miley for your last outstanding album

    82. Daniel Alvarado

      No hay sentimiento que exprese lo que Miley transmite con su voz

    83. Irinel Chiricioiu

      Unde sunt Romanii mei ? Superba voce live 😘😘LOVE ROMÂNIA

    84. Ayrla Almeida

      Que música!! 👏🏻 Obrigada Miley por esse HINO ❤️‍🔥

    85. Kevin Yeremia

      omg i really love this song!! & i adore her voice so much!

    86. Alif

      a melhor do álbum !

    87. Blue Eyez

      I’ve never been a big of hers but damn I heard this and I felt like I knew her. So damn talented it’s unbelievable I’ve watched her from a child I’m so impressed !!!! Go get it Miley!!!!!

    88. Victor Otávio Cerqueira

      Que vocal perfeito 😍🥵

    89. Michelesaint3 Saint Pierre

      I totally agree..she’s amazing!!

    90. Jonathan Torca

      Creí que jamás cantaría esta canción en vivo (por lo denso de la letra) pero que gusto y HERMOSO es escucharla cantar esta joyita. Never be me es una súper balada rock que me da mucho sentimiento. Gracias Miley 💜

    91. José Maria

      As vezes choro guanto escuto as músicas Românticas gue ela camta é demais ela merese um troféu

    92. Eric Travis

      Miley is a masterpiece honestly in so many ways😁😍

    93. Barracuda

      Such an amazing voice, so talented!!!!

    94. Jorge Rosales

      A mi mejor amiga y a mi nos llega esta canción hasta la medula cuando nuestros hombres nos dejaron. No puedo con tanto. Diosa reina potra caballona la que pone mas huevos en el gallinero la mas cachuda talentosa y poderosa. Me muero por verte en vivo gacha!

    95. Julie

      I love the way she performs that song,with a lot of emotions. To me,this is her actually. She wouldn't be so creative if she was cold blooded. Quite the contrary, that girl feels everything.

    96. Seraphina S

      Really underrated song, beautiful lyrics and deep emotions in her voice, I resonate so much with this ❤ she's amazing

    97. Tatiana Agudelo Zárate

      Amo esta canción!!! Hace un mes la escuhabamos en vivo en Colombia :(

    98. Moisés David

      LA AMOOO. Este tema es muy poderoso.

    99. Hernan Castro

      i can feel for who she wrote this masterpiece. Her feelings are the precious things we have actually.

    100. Minuto

      Just sublime. I am forever in awe of her talent.