Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop X Where Is My Mind? (From ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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    Filmed live at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest - Arena, Los Angeles, CA, February 2022
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    1. Ryan Appleton

      At this point, Miley Cyrus has reached the pinnacle of *ICON* status. She serves looks, energy, soul and fire! I am so looking forward to her new era!

      1. Jame Sanchezz

        Yup. YEAH

      2. Tina Rix: Healing Music for Complex Trauma


      3. Donita Owens

        That’s a fact. Her voice is like no other and her music is timeless! The girl can sing whatever genre she wants and soar beyond anyone could ever imagine.

      4. Jame Sanchezz

        Aka. Legend

    2. Game Of Show

      She’s a rock star and a pop star in one body! Only her generation with this kind of enormous talent and unique voice. One in billion star!

      1. Matheus Silva

        very good, amazing this music

      2. Robert Leggio

        Agreed, best of her generation. No one as versatile, and no female “ pop singer “ can sing rock like she can! Zombie cover proves it

      3. Jame Sanchezz

        A billion is a good number

      4. Limón

        and country star

      5. Cameron Welch

        Let's goo tooyoo

    3. Lena Jones

      Gosh I would love Miley to do a studio version of "Where is my mind" it's so amazing.

      1. mayflygirl22


      2. JustTiny


      3. Ying Yang

        yess please 😭💕

    4. Minh Anh

      she has a wonderful voice

      1. Jay McGinn

        @Matias Ramos She is lip syncing the whole thing. Its all pre recorded.

      2. Cameron Welch

        @Nerlande Jean Baptiste yess 5x

      3. Cameron Welch

        Steven Jordan Letts Gooo

      4. Lamberto Vitali

        @Den Vovano She damaged it and got it repaired, and now it's even better. So what? It's still her.

      5. Den Vovano

        Its not her voice Listen to Bangerz Album She have operation

    5. Jomir

      Miley should re-record her old songs! These live performances also count, of course. Her voice was fantastic before, and beyond amazing since Plastic Hearts.

      1. Eleni Tachtsidou

        ​@Lisa Bode

      2. Lacie Hewlett

        Agree! I thought she sounded nasally before but I LOVE this!

      3. Cameron Welch

        And I'll burn it €¥€¢€£¥®©™33°*R.A.M.master

      4. Anahí Díaz

        Her live album is available everywhere!

      5. Lisa Bode

        .. I mean, she has re record her old songs

    6. First Last

      I love seeing her embrace We Can't Stop again. By adding Where is My Mind, she made it a story about that time in her life. I love you so much Miley. Everything you do is phenomenal, from the start

      1. SweetCaroline

        We Can’t stop will always be that girl

    7. Tyler Phillips

      I love how the absolute perfect tone just falls out of her mouth effortlessly. She’s easily my favorite singer of all time.


        Ditto... To the Max !!! Tammy Sudol Xoxoxoxo

    8. Pika June

      Omg “where is my mind” Is one of my favorites and she killed it! I love her! She has grown so much to prove she is more than a pop music, she is pure talent, and I love her.

      1. BashanSandersRockstarchannel

        At this point she is the New Hannah Montana

    9. Romney Ranjo

      Miley’s at the stage where she’s following what she truly feels creative as an artist. Fck the numbers, the charts, and the comments. She’s an artist - and an icon 💖

    10. Aina PassionRedac

      How can she managed to have a voice like that on live? live ever

      1. Kowalski

        She's just being Miley

    11. Javier Villanueva

      Sin temor a exagerar, es JUSTA heredera de las voces femeninas mas icónicas del Rock (aunque su etapa generacional la haya volcado lógicamente hacia el Pop). Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Kim Carnes, Joan Jett, Grace Slick...todas le hacen un lugar a Miley para sentarse en esa mesa. Si esta piba hubiese pisado los ascenarios en los 60/70 hoy sería leyenda.

      1. Kristel Lovaz

        @Luis Saucedo soporta

      2. josep maria marín

        Acabará siendo una leyenda seguro (si no lo es ya), es una mujer fascinante con un talento y carisma enormes.

      3. Slick Bat

        GO MILEY CYRUS!!! ❣👍🥇

      4. Daisy Castillo

        Totalmente de acuerdo contigo!!!!

      5. Luis Saucedo

        Falso quiere copiar a otras leyendas

    12. Callie Morris

      Tears streaming down my face! Thanks again Miley for always being that reminder that we are all the best versions of ourself somewhere in there!

      1. M Pimiento

        Just as my tears started running I read your comment !! If you can find it check out her acoustic set for BBC at Glastonbury I suggest listening to her completely amazing cover of "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" where even she says it made her feel like crying. Such a heartfelt voice from her beautiful soul.Will try to find the link and post here next.

    13. Gracy VL

      I love the energy of her walking around to the other team members on the stage as a credit and appreciation. She almost did on all of her live performance. Respect Miley❤️

    14. MQ

      I'm soo obsessed with these live performances. They're even better than the Studio versions. This and Plastic Hearts are my favorites.

    15. Candice Green

      I love her voice so much, what a talent and her rockstar energy ❤️

    16. Paul Nunez

      For Miley to incorporate Pixies Where Is My Mind into this song is just amazing. I love it.

    17. Astro Sc

      2:47 best part of the video! She's got a great musical taste. That song (where is my mind) is everything! That guitar solo... Im in love ♥️ And her voice and presence on stage..wonderful!

      1. Christo Bernard

        Yea wait til he plays for u in person

      2. Wayne Whitmer

        Yup! Not surprised!

    18. Jan Jan

      She sounds so good in here and her letting the back up singers be heard without her singing with it is just so nice of her. The band and back up singers are awesome

    19. Cedric Mathew Hudson

      Calling it now, this is going to be one of the best live albums ever. I just hope it gets a physical CD/Vinyl release at some point, this deserves to be heard on the best audio format and stereo out there.

      1. T4health

        The concert was perfection. I’m so happy I got to be there

      2. Victoria T

        omg a vinyl would be insane

      3. Miguel De la Rosa Garcia

        lp, cassette... im gonna buy it in every format.

    20. Carrie Thompson

      This is the most amazing thing I've seen/heard in a long time!!!!! Miley, you're a true rockstar. Daaaayuum!!!

    21. ME

      I just love how she walks and the swag and ger stage presence like she was born to do live shows! Its so rare to hear the live so better than the studio version. She’s just so ICONIC!!

    22. barbiexlari

      Ela tá perfeita demais ,os vocais ,o estilo ,sua voz lindamente ,cada música linda ,ela é do Rock ,ela é rainha maravilhosa ❤️

    23. andrew thomson

      Well I can add that to the list of covers Miley has absolutely nailed 😃

      1. Ralph Ferley


    24. jennifer Dimas

      Privilegiados los que asistieron, Miley es asombrosa artista y será recordada para siempre ❤️

    25. # TooMuchScotty

      Her voice gives chills


        oh yeah!!! Tammy Sudol !!!


        Ditto to the max!!! Tammy Sudol ...

      3. You Don't Know Me

        Buy her live album ATTENTION , out April 1st

      4. Luft 1

        Protože se obcas ozere 😉

    26. Vaishali Hojai

      She's got such a powerful voice. Love all of her live performances.

    27. Daniela Núñez

      Ela cantando Pixies, transcendental! Quem viu ao vivo sentiu na alma isso aqui!

    28. Igor Siqueira

      Gente, a voz.. não dá, sério! A MAIOR, sem mais

    29. Emy Lee

      E como eu amo essa menina mulher,sua transformação é absolutamente absurda, talento sem limites...te desejo todo sucesso do mundo 😍🙏

    30. Amora Karly

      Obgda Miley por você existir 😍😍

    31. jerson Rincón

      Her vocal range is admirable, her low notes are amazing 💥🤯

      1. Lewis Woodhall

        Listen to her song "Cyrus Skies" from the Dead Petz album. In the first 15 seconds she hits a clear G2 which is the lowest and clearest note she has done and it's lower than any note Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey has hit and they all have great lower registers also.

      2. julezthealien

        i was looking for the comment that acknowledged this, so smooth too.

      3. jerson Rincón

        @Lewis Woodhall I have goosebumps 💥

      4. Lewis Woodhall

        She hit a clear A2 which is insane 3:42

      5. MoogleDoodles

        She’s full of soul 😱😭😍

    32. Alicia Rosas

      No me canso de escucharla. tiene tanta energía y transmite tanto. Me declaro su fan!!!!

      1. Carmen Huamaní

        Yo también la he descubierto este verano, si bien adoro a mi Madona, Pero Miles transmite tanta energía y carisma es la mejor Rockera de estas décadas y sus covers maravillosos. Mil gracias por subtitularlo. Dios permita ir a un concierto en vivo antes de morirme. Saludos desde Lima-Perú

    33. maurine

      She just keeps expanding her horizons and gets better and better!

    34. Ronald McChrist

      The best live performance of "We Can't Stop" she's ever done! I am blown away

    35. Seridó Cactos

      Pense em um público desanimado, queria ver se fosse aqui no Brasil! Ela nem ia conseguir cantar com a gente cantando mais alto ainda ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨

    36. Heather Hopf

      Her voice is what we all wish came out when we are singing our hearts out 🤩😜

    37. Lucas Vieira

      Meu Deus, como um público pode ser tão morto desse jeito tendo Miley no palco? Os álbuns AO VIVO deveriam todos serem gravados no Brasil.

      1. Silva Silva

        Não sabia que o show era da plateia... Pensei que o show fosse da Miley Cyrus e ela que é a principal atração está ótima

      2. Bruno / Charlotte Dangell

        @Laura Rios nunca mi caro

      3. Bruno / Charlotte Dangell


      4. isaac mendes

        Nosso coro no fundo, vitrine para o mundo 😂😂😂😂😂

      5. Mariana Teixeira

        @Gabriel Andrade tbm achei o público daqui bem fraco

    38. Igor Siqueira

      Nunca me canso de ouvir, na moral

    39. welcame my home

      Que mulher maravilhosa ❤️ Que presença de palco incrível! De arrepiar!

    40. Andrw Nock

      Amo a esta mujer!! No era fan de su musica anterior pero estos ultimos albumes me atraparon!!

    41. JHON VERAT

      Su voz es perfecta ✨

    42. Elena Elena.guama

      Su concierto tiene que ser una bomba!la adoró!

    43. brixn

      We can't deny she has a GREAT voice!

      1. Miley's Vocals (Backup Channel)

        @Chromberriesシ agreed

      2. Chromberriesシ

        One thing I think is super cool about her is how she just goes out there and starts singing. Like, really singing, giving it her all, and its always so rewarding because it's always so damn good. So many singers nowadays let back up tracks or the crowd do all of the work, but she actually gives a great energetic performance.

      3. Miley's Vocals (Backup Channel)

        @soaked yeah agreed

      4. soaked

        @Miley's Vocals (Backup Channel) it makes sense that they would upload videos for every song just like they did with this one

      5. Miley's Vocals (Backup Channel)

        @soaked yeah I know but how do you know FOOTAGE will be released

    44. desireebug79

      Listened to this full blast with my headphones & all I can saw is I felt like I was at the concert with you & started crying ❤️ definitely need to see her in person

    45. Gabriela Moulet

      La escucho una y otra vez...ama cada canción que interpreta... cómo la admiro.

      1. Gabriela Moulet

        @catalina ruiz Yo igual.

      2. catalina ruiz

        yo la escucho todos los días jjaj❤

    46. ANA BORGE

      Que talento essa menina...I like!

    47. diego gallardo

      de las mejores voces actuales sin duda . al carajo lo que piensen los demas…

      1. Abelina Bolaños

        100% de acuerdo 😌😍🤩

      2. papimafia

        sin duda alguna

    48. sofie addotta

      Needed this. Was running out of live Miley performances to watch obsessively.

      1. VioletIceFire

        I relate 😂

    49. leandroxcx

      two timeless songs

      1. carlsalbert.


      2. coljay232317

        I'm your fan too! Your edits are siiiick

      3. Curious Mind

        Fancy meeting you here.

      4. Efsun Tuana Ayyıldız


      5. Gabriele Fortunato

        say it louder 🎤✨

    50. Amora Karly

      Amo essa música 😍

    51. Nebster

      I was extremely sad because of some rude things my mom said. I came to KZsection aimlessly and saw this video, clicked on it because I was so hyped by yesterday's trailer. And now I am not crying anymore. Miley's life isn't perfect, it never was, yet she's doing THE BEST in what she can. You give me hope to do the best in what I can. Thanks Miley! Also, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS

      1. P_sw90

        I love you be strong

      2. Weasley Twins

        Same with my mum. Came here

    52. Norman Ahuanari

      Wow Miley.... Espectacular.. algún día espero verte en vivo cantar we can't stop... 😍😍

    53. Coolramvishnu

      I can't believe that she sang where is my mind and totally slayed it! Love, love, love this woman!🔥🔥🔥

    54. Gabriel Silvers

      I love the live version of this song, would love to be in the crowd when she sings it

    55. Sebastian Aranda

      La combinación de estas dos canciones juntas es superior 🔝🔝

      1. ZEBRA

        @Kimberly Juarez "We can't Stop" y "Where's my mind"

      2. Kimberly Juarez

        Cuales son las canciones?

    56. Kaylin Aucoin

      a forever fan here, just saying she always covers all the songs that mean so much in my life and this collab has me livingggg🙏🏼 the way she says “where is my mind” has me thanking the universe for her influence in my life, as well as many other covers and HER songs too! Idk where I’d be without my Miley obsession 😂

    57. Nora Yoly

      Que mujer... Que artista... Ufff 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 👑👑👑👑👑

    58. Nicole Novellino

      What an incredible voice and presence this woman has!!!

    59. Ralph Ferley


    60. Ignazio M

      she is a true lioness of the stage, i will never get tired of saying that her voice is SPECTACULAR

    61. Mat Pop Reaction

      She is a legend, she is a rockstar, she is an icon, she is THE MUSIC INDUSTRY

      1. Rinki iphone

        @Chaos Goddess bro I love miley but the title of MUSIC INDUSTRY has been given to a bigger star and rightfully so.

      2. Chaos Goddess

        @Rinki iphone Yes we do... Miley Cyrus ✨✨😌✋🏻

      3. Rinki iphone

        Woah she ain’t the music Industry we all know who that title belongs to!!!

      4. Sol Marcos


      5. Kaden


    62. plantcraftie

      yeah, this entire album is going to be on repeat

    63. Michelle Galbraith

      This is phenomenal ❤️

    64. Paula Emanuelle Dias Santos

      Que voz é essa ... 😍😍

    65. Murilo Sousa


    66. Sun Rain

      Her voice is so unique, amazing live

    67. Zyel Rodrigues

      Nós Te Amamos Miley Cyrus, Você Fez História No Lollapalooza Brasil♥️🇧🇷

      1. Amanda Alves

        Dá até vontade de chorar lembrando

      2. Luís Carlos de Oliveira

        @Videres De Angelis é da mesma cor do casaco q a anitta tava mas o conjunto da anitta era de outra cor, era amarelo ou verde

      3. CaueGoten

        @Zyel Rodrigues Mas vc nem me respondeu gatin, vc tem insta?

      4. CaueGoten

        @Videres De Angelis Pse kkkkkkk

      5. CaueGoten

        @Zyel Rodrigues Mlk tava carente de atenção kkkk

    68. Elder

      Que hermoso el fandom de Miley, nunca la abandonamos y ella esta resurgiendo🥰

    69. Fernando - Bonded Stripes

      this really makes me emotional every time I play it. Miley rocks hard

    70. Jesse Pinkman

      This version needs to be on Spotify!!

      1. diego gallardo

        It's already on spotify, the album is called "attention"

    71. Luana Duarte de oliveira


    72. ladygrinningsoul

      amazing. i LOVED her blondie crossover moments, that whole album, this entire era.... to me this is a serious homage. she absolutely kills everything she touches.....i'm literally so proud to be a fan, from disney days, she's like a long not-so-lost sister. love you sm girl. huge inspiration for my little life here and i've loved growing up with you. 'we can't stop' is one of my all time favourite songs, especially after studying philosophy of language at university, i just love those lyrics soooooo much. damn. what an icon.

    73. Ricky Dillon

      I cant believe shes real

      1. Nerlande Jean Baptiste

        She's real

      2. Dawn Cordes

        She's a rare soul that's for sure.

      3. Julia

        same Ricky! she's phenomenal, the real queen!!!!

    74. B Webst

      You've worked hard for this and deserve the recognition. What's awesome is you seem like a genuinely kind, thoughtful, evolving, amazing, intelligent, young woman.

    75. Ryn Rynona

      Miley has always been one of my favorite pop stars at my young teenage times ... like 2007 2008 years ... now I'm 26 yo still love her ... she's her self ✨

    76. Rosana Graboski

      Mulher é incrivel

    77. Dalia Contreras Jurado

      Wey su voz en vivo es maravillosa!

      1. diego gallardo

        yo la fui a ver aqui en colombia y sin duda la experiencia en vivo no se compara con escucharla por aqui.. quede con piel de gallina todo el concierto

    78. chanel plays

      I swear miley has made me who I am today and couldn't be more happier about who I look up to. 💕

    79. Jaidyn

      I’m never going to stop loving this woman 😫

      1. gu

        Me neither

      2. Dayvion Carter

        Same here

      3. MoogleDoodles

        I was just thinking this! I remember discovering Hannah Montana at 10 years old and I was star struck. Now I’m almost 26 and just reminiscing about how even all those years ago, I just knew Miley was gonna be a massive deal. Forever love Miley 💜

      4. Mariana Deolarte

        Tiene un corazón puro😿

    80. Coolramvishnu

      She is one person, who we want to sing many many songs, songs of our choice, hand have a jam with her...such a true lover of music she is...not a rock star, she is one love, love, love, breathe music, she has one life - that is music!🔥✨

    81. VR

      Miley’s vibe is just something else!❤

    82. Andrea Tellez

      Wooow esta chica solo sabía de ella por Hanna Montana. Cómo ha crecido su voz, podría cantar cualquier canción de rock sin problemas, su timbre es icónico. Woow!!! Me encantó su interpretación "Where's my mind" Pixis estaría encantadl con ella. Woooow woooow

    83. Rosanea Silva

      Linda,perfeita. Quem me dera ir em um show dela.💕💕💕

    84. Divina Comedia

      La amo 😍 es única 😍🇦🇷

    85. Brenda H

      Bella Miley, recordando buenos momentos cuando salió esa canción ❣️

    86. MagnumDB

      That guitar for the Where Is My Mind cover sounds great! Like the original sound!

    87. Sh Adrianis

      miley can literally cover any songs! her voice is indeed unique ❤❤

    88. Rivandro

      Mulher, tu arrasas nessa performance. Brasil ama

    89. Monica

      miley gracias por existir por tu voz , tus canciones , tu belleza , tu autenticidad por ser tu ! te amo!!! cada vez lo haces mejor, perfecto mi idolo !!gracias por visitar Colombia 🇨🇴❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🙏🏻💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    90. Marta Rambaldi

      when she sings in her lower register it’s so good

    91. Christian Ginosyan

      It is such a pleasure to enjoy Miley’s crystals clear vocals! Waiting for the album.

    92. Oscar Perez Gil

      Dios mioooo, como amo esta version!!!!

    93. Roxanne Chong


    94. Gaby

      Eres mi cantante favorita, tu voz es única y muy especial para mi, me encantas mujer🥰

    95. limpeza pós obra e pré mudança

      Espetáculo de Artista. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    96. Veronica Riba

      Súper talentosa! Divina! Hermosa! Excelente artista!

    97. Roo

      Can't wait for this live album to drop 🔥🔥

      1. Lewis Woodhall

        @Noah Keolanui hopefully!! :)

      2. Noah Keolanui

        @Lewis Woodhall I think we’re getting both, she’s been a busy woman.

      3. Lewis Woodhall

        I was hoping for a studio album this year

    98. kryzabass

      I'm loving this Miley's phase 🥰

    99. bromberg

      this is low-key the best live of we can't stop

    100. Lourdes

      Te amo Miley de mi vida, te amo con todo mi corazón espero algún día poder verte en vivo❤️😍