Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball X Nothing Compares 2 U (From ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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    Filmed live at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest - Arena, Los Angeles, CA, February 2022
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    1. Gabriel Johnson

      I think since she has gotten to a much better place mentally, emotionally, and musically, she has been absolutely KILLING each live performance she has done. The amount of live performances we have gotten from her are insane and she keeps outdoing herself each time.

      1. Alena Latham

        She having a nerves break down.

      2. Ruth Betzabe Ynga

        @WesReact 00

      3. Stephanie Ann

        In all experiences, we rise like a Phoenix in the ashes, miss fiery Miley is a great example❤🤘keep rocking!!! We love you!!!!!

      4. Thomas Paine

        She rocks!

      5. Nyl Castro Castro Martins


    2. Anthony Marquez

      One of the few artists that always sound better than her studio versions live.

      1. shelha93074

        to name few tina turner, freddie mercury, robin gibb

      2. Heav

        It never fails!

      3. Varun Ravi

        @charliepeke That's a backtrack lol. You can hear her singing over the track. Plus, even though that chorus may sound easy to sing, it's not. Miley has to continuously phrase A4s, which happen to be around her bridge area (her first passaggio). Singing on the bridge of one's voice is not easy at all. It requires good technique, practice and a good blend of chest voice and head voice to be able to sing on key in that area of the voice.

      4. sour witch sapphic

        @charliepeke to add to it being back up vocals, she also clearly isn't hiding that there are back up vocalists. Whenever her line is "echoed" by said choir, she removes the mic from her mouth.

      5. John Smith

        So no one noticed the lip sink from the first when shot from profile?

    3. lucas agustín

      I literally NEED her to do a full rock cover of "Nothing Compares 2 U", I can't get enough from that part she sang! It's just so good, it fits her voice perfectly!

      1. Lauralei

        @Korrupt He was a Rottweiler. The only breed Ive ever had. They are the most trusting, loving and playful dogs ever, when brought up to be well socialized. They are very protective also. This boy used to pull my grandson on his sled and followed him everywhere. Ive never heard him bark and I only heard him growl once when someone was trying to climb in my window. When they seen him they ran like hell in the opposite direction!

      2. Korrupt

        @Lauralei what breed was he, I don’t really know much about dogs but I’ve always wanted one

      3. Lauralei

        @Korrupt dont apologize, I love to talk about him. He was a big part of my life. I really appreciate you noticing the picture of him ❤️

      4. Korrupt

        @Lauralei aw I’m sorry for bringing that up I didn’t know. He looks very a good boy :). And I know exactly what you mean

      5. Lauralei

        @Korrupt thank you, this is such an old pic but I can't bring myself to change it. His name was Cain and I lost him in June to bone cancer. He was 10 and my absolute best friend. Its certainly tough losing something that means so much to you. The silence is deafening here at my house. ❤️

    4. hooks747

      I am 68 years old and I have not seen the combination of talent, voice, presentation, and song selection as this woman has put together. Keep rocking, PLEASE KEEP ROCKING!

      1. filthysanchez80

        68 years of cringe simp-power

    5. Nathaly

      I need the full version of Nothing Compares 2 U on my table right now. OMG her voice is perfection

      1. Nathaly

        @Elsie Ngako right? it's so good!!!

      2. Elsie Ngako

        I just had to repeat it..definitely downloading....what in the world!!!

    6. Soloa

      honestly does not get enough shine.. shes a phenomenal performer

      1. Miley Ray Cyrus

        Hello super fan How are you doing?

    7. Jake Michaels

      Miley Cyrus’s voice aged like fine wine

      1. Stacey Ahern

        @Eva yes if I wrote that song I would definitely say whatever brought it on would bring on a lot of emotion and I have seen her break down crying singing it quite a few times so it must be very personal to her

      2. Stacey Ahern

        @Myne she's right at about 30 I heard her say

      3. Stacey Ahern

        @clement huve they said what they did to her vocal cords in no way changes her voice all it did was repair the damage and just put them right back to the way they were your voice naturally changes as you get older anyway

      4. Stacey Ahern


      5. Stacey Ahern

        She had to have surgery on her vocal chords but it did not change her voice it gave it back..... it was going out...2014-17 I think was the time she struggled before surgery.....


      Hermosa, perfecta y pensar que Liam solo quiso apagar su luz, pero al dejarlo fue la demostración de amor propio más hermoso, porque siguió su camino haciendo lo que ama, cantar y ser una total REINA 👑

      1. diego gallardo

        lo mejor fue que hayan terminado, cuando estaba con liam hacia musica bien apagada , ahora es ella misma esto me encanta , ella es de las mejores 😍👑

    9. Rossina

      Miley tiene una capacidad de hacerte sentir la canción de la letra directamente en el alma. Por dios cuanto respeto a esta mujer.

    10. positivityfrommc

      OMG at 1:38 Miley noticed the flag that I made her and said she loved it 😭😭😭 I never thought I'd have an HD version of this memory to look back on forever 🥺 Love you so much MC ❤️

      1. CAT Cas

        The one comment I came looking for, lol. I wanted to know what it was she had liked😊

      2. positivityfrommc

        I made a design that said "Miley is sickening" in her old mileyworld font and the inside of the letters are all of her old album covers ❤️

      3. Lara Pauley


      4. Angela S

        What was in the flag !!! Tell us now lol

      5. House of Toefl

        I think we need to know more

    11. Sarah Uselman

      I love it when Miley rocks out! She has that perfect rockstar voice and stage presence. 😍🤩

      1. luis morales

        She is amazing omg

    12. BennyCR2

      Miley's voice is great. Her rock songs are great! Definitively she's a rock singer. LOVE

      1. Miley Ray Cyrus

        Hello super fan How are you doing?

    13. Lumi Land

      Her live vocals are as perfect as they are in her originals. I don't want to hear any other person talking about her older self when yall have no sense of appreciating her talent to begin with. She IS UNIQUE ! A LEGEND ! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER..NO MATTER WHAT..

      1. christian torres


      2. christian torres


      3. christian torres


      4. thaler67

        @Twenty Two No, it's harmonies from the band. A call and response thing.

      5. DeEtte Day

        @Twenty Two I agree. Pre-taped vocals. No dip in decibel when not at the mic. Sounds good, just pre-recorded.

    14. zimzimzalabim

      I love that she's so secure in herself and can belt these out without thinking of exes and getting emotional. She overcome her trainwreck persona, shut all her critics up, and turned quite a few into fans on the strength of her sheer talent.. myself included.

    15. Thimi Gogo

      She is a real ARTIST! she deserve much more recognition! She gives herself at 100% at every performance! She is so f###ng versatile and can sing every genre! Love her ❤

    16. Deborah

      Miley is smashing every female artist out of the park. Her voice is just getting better and better with every new track she puts out there. She can sing any genre, so so talented. Yes she went through a wild child period, but hey your only young once and this was probably the first time she had control of her direction. But despite all the antics her songs then were also awesome. Keep going Miley you are an amazing singer and I believe you are also an incredible person to be around. Genuine, caring and warm.

    17. Tayhani

      Now that's what you call a transition!! I don't think no one gives enough credit to musicians behind these amazing songs!


      Acaso hay algo que ella no cante bien? Es perfecta!!! I love you Miley.!

    19. Yassine Taskart

      See the legend she's turning into over time ? She keeps proving she's the best in the industry. Versatile, a true vocalist and extremely talented. I'm proud of you ROCKSTAR and so is the world.

      1. Tttt Gggg


      2. romeo punch

        Constantly Covering shit from the 80s won't make you a legend

      3. rats

        best in the industry is a INSANE take buts shes great yeah

    20. Bruno Arantes

      Nothing Compares 2 U era a que eu mais tava ansioso pra ouvir e não decepcionou, ficou muito foda na voz dela. A junção com Wrecking Ball ficou mto boa mas queria mto uma versão completa na voz da Miley!

      1. danilo cartes

        ella no puede hacer una version completa de esa canción , porque seguramente la cantante original sigue enojada con miley por lo que paso hace años entre ellas

    21. kim tami muñoz yurivilca


    22. Tania Barajas

      This set is absolutely epic. It brings a tear to my eye seeing how far she’s come. Miley forever

    23. Anthony Murphy

      I like her version of Nothing Compares 2 U. It has the rock edge of Prince and the sensitivity of Sinead O' Connor. She fits exactly what works best in those two versions.

    24. Bri TEXAS

      So beautiful, this young lady is a true artist...I have played this over and over and it's just so amazing ✨

    25. Dayana Escobar

      Miley es una cantante incomparable, donde sus canciones en vivo suenan algunas veces mejor que la versión del studio. La amo demasiadooo, derrocha talento hasta por los poros ❤️

      1. 0-XQSAS and B-Fit

        Ella ama lo que hace .

    26. DB

      Miley’s live vocals are absolutely insaneee

    27. Ascension Jimenez

      Qué pedazo de VOZ y qué gran artista en el escenario!!!

    28. Willaby Zarkute

      she really does have such an interesting tonal quality to her voice... it's rock, country and crooner all at the same time

    29. Coolramvishnu

      I have so many favourite Miley songs, but this hits a different nerve for some reason, she doing a cover of this...such a nostalgia 💚💚💚

    30. sportstergirrl

      As Miley has evolved more, I’ve become a fan. I didn’t like her early super pop music, but this more rocker Miley is amazing. She’s come into herself

      1. Angel

        i suggest relistening to Meet Miley Cyrus and Cant be Tamed, Miley has always shown us her rockstar side. People just loved to fixate on one song and think they know her music.

      2. Blair L.

        Miley and Bieber. These two starts innocent, then gone bad, now get riped. Musically perfect

      3. Raspberry Beret


    31. Calm your mind

      I almost did a standing ovation in my living room!!!! Unbelievable vocal. I wish it was longer!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    32. LA_tx

      @3:45 love the way she changes up her songs when she performs live. Her voice has just gotten better and better. Honestly one of the best vocalists of this generation. Amazing!

    33. Jeremy Hinkle

      This girl has packed a whole lifetime of experience into 20 years, I think she’s incredible.

    34. Kavina B

      That transition to nothing compares. Omg goosebumps

    35. AiramCrafts

      Amo como se escucha en vivo 😍😍😍😍😍. Buenísima Miley 👏👏👏👏

    36. Viviana Twi

      Esto es absolutamente hermoso. Hace mucho tiempo deseaba tener tus canciones en Spotify en vivo y AHORA SERÁ UNA REALIDAD. MÉXICO IS WAITING FOR Y O U

      1. Leandro Exequiel Quiroga

        maaaaaaaaaaaaal bblda

      2. Jacob Bonilla


      3. Roo

        3 more days til this gift drops!!

    37. lorena prado

      Simplemente maravillosa!! Ella canta con todo, interpreta con el alma.Triste que la subestimen, que la critiquen sin haberla escuchado.Ella es una de las mejores ( o talvez la mejor) de estos últimos tiempos. Grande, bella MC

    38. Veronica Giannetti

      This is maybe my fav song from this live album, I love how these songs fit so well together! Nothing compares to you is such a great song and miley's voice is so so on fire here...QUEEN MILEY💅👑❤

    39. May Raniah

      Thank you Miley for bringin back all those golden songs ✨✨✨✨

      1. May Raniah

        ..with your voice

    40. Selina Crone

      Cantas con el ALMA!!! Gracias ☺️

    41. Thomas N.Z

      Miley voice is aged like a single malt whiskey. Absolutely Devine

    42. Fulvio Correia Meneghin

      A voz dela é como vinho, quanto mais o tempo passa melhora! Brasil te ama.

      1. Rodrigo Ferreira

        Miley é uma sereia da música Nossa Rebel Heart

    43. ⚽Gabriela Paz

      Amo tu voz. Sigue brillando Reina🍀🙋

    44. Skittlz NT

      I'm sorry, but I'm obsessed. I have to explain to my friends, how/why I can't get enough of Miley 🤦🏾‍♂There's just something magical and mystical and hypnotic about her. She is just extra terrestrial in the best way.

      1. Kai Lyn

        Not to bring race into it, but it's comforting to find out there's black people who enjoy her as much as I do :)

    45. Mariano Villanueva

      Si bien conocía a Miley, hace poco comencé a escucharla con detenimiento y solo puedo decir "que pena no haberla descubierto antes". Grande Miley!!! Te esperamos en Portugal!!! Saludos para todos!!!

      1. felipe antonio

        yo lo mismo decia .. la conoci hace 1 año , pero sinceramente creo que ahora esta en su mejor momento! y su voz es increible

    46. BLARONEG

      Eso es AMAR LA MÚSICA, esta mujer es increíble♥

    47. Carlos Fonseca Arriagada

      Estoy asombrado , maravillado y muy enam,orado de esta mujer es muy especial , la historia vera sus cambios su fuerza ..toda una heroina de la musica. Saludos desde CHILE con AMOR para MILEY Cyrus..

    48. Daniel Alvarado

      Al fin podremos oír está increíble voz en vivo en todas las plataformas

    49. Ana Paula Estrela

      A União dessas duas músicas ficou muito foda Miley, eu te amo mulher! ❤❤

    50. Evelyn Hombrebueno

      The distinct voice only owned by Miley👌🏼♥️. Superb vocals👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    51. MO’S ART

      Miles Cyrus is a very powerful vocalist… class performer….!! I can just feel that strong magnetic energy & emotion from her voice and her body language plus that facial expression …..!!! When Miley sings live on the stage that means she is in her own pure & full element ….we will see & feel that raw energy & emotion from her ….and it can be very hypnotic..!!! That’s how a pure artist sings live….the best…born to sing..,,Love U Miley,,,🙏☮️🌏Ⓜ️from Melbourne

    52. 19TAURUSGIRL91

      I am OBSESSEDDDDD with her live album. I really hope someday she also puts out an acoustic album as well 😩😭💓💓 I need all her backyard sessions on an album along with Fade Into You cover. 😍😇

    53. Shawn OConnor

      Brilliant! There is a reason that the music world respects Miley.

    54. JHON VERAT


    55. Sophie Gourdet

      Une musique qui déchire !! La chanson à une de ces énergies c'est dingue ! ❤

    56. ashawnski

      I can't say it enough....Miley you freakin ROCK!

    57. val’sdawnfm

      I don’t understand the comments that say she’s getting better when she’s always been so good! I grew up going to her concerts and listening to her and she truly one of a kind artist. So proud! I’m glad she’s someone she’s proud of. 💕

    58. Diego Gutierrez

      Tremenda voz !!!!!!! Impresionante !!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏

    59. DianaaaAgg

      And to think that miley was overly criticized when this video came, and she never let that bad comments affect her person and progress. AMAZING how real to herself she is. Love heeeerrrrrrrr.

      1. Angela S

        She was even criticized by Sinead O’connor and now look at her

    60. Cedric Mathew Hudson

      I really hope this live album gets the CD / Vinyl treatment at some point in time, this is amazing.

      1. Miley Ray Cyrus

        Hello super fan How are you doing?

    61. Elder

      Sus vocales son espectaculares


      She has always sounded amazing to me. She's amazing, someone i admire, she will always be someone i look upto, I love her.

    63. mig13brasil

      Que fenomenal! Miley melhor a cada dia! Sem dúvida, a intérprete mais espetacular da atualidade!

    64. Jin Hyung Kim

      She is such a stunning artist. I couldn't keep my attention off from her while she was performing.

    65. Ces11ev M.L

      Esta presentación fue espectacular!! De verdad Miley Cyrus esta a otro nivel!

    66. Emily

      Te amamos un montón Miley! Sos una artista maravillosoa. Gracias x brindarnos tu música. 🇦🇷❤️

    67. emiliano quiroga

      Simplemente bello! Gracias Miley por traernos este hermosa canción que nos enseña a amarnos primero.

    68. Maru Cervera

      Genial,pensar que no entraba entre mis cantantes favoritas,esas interpretaciones que ejecuta con canciones de antaño luce fabulosa,.aplausos...

    69. Circulo sagrado

      Que bella y que fuerza y autenticidad ✨

    70. Lolo Jaques

      Mulher coloca essas músicas no Spotify! EU PRECISO OUVIR NO VOLUME MÁXIMO!

      1. Matías Mansilla

        Album " attention live " miley cyrus en spotify

    71. JohnnyTheMechanic

      Very good. She does not have the widest vocal range but she makes a flawless use of her range. The "nothing" bit at 3:34 is a great example, she does not have the range to reach the high note but the way she sings it is perfect. I'm not really a fan of her music but IMO she is an amazing singer with her own identity.

    72. John McDermitt

      It’s amazing what songs they can mesh together and make work!

    73. luni

      nunca en mi vida tuve tantos escalofríos, que talento que tiene por dios

    74. Leandro Martins

      She came to Brazil like a wrecking ball 🇧🇷🖤🎸🤟🏼

    75. Luciana


    76. Ana Lanzillotta

      Tu voz llega a mi profundidad y me hace volar. Agradecida❤

    77. JHON VERAT

      Su voz, su interpretación es de otro mundo 😍😍😍

    78. Diego Gutierrez

      Es simplemente espectacular su voz e interpretación!!!!!

    79. Mitt-Dan Féllix C. Dasilva

      Talento puro demais

    80. Raspberry Beret

      The band and backing singers are great too.

    81. Evi Pevi

      We need a full version of Nothing compares 2 U! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Perfection!

    82. Santos Silva

      De mais , muito bom 🇧🇷


      I absolutely love these amazing songs blended together ❗️ 🎵 ❤️

    84. Monika Jasiura

      Cudowna jest 😍

    85. Hazel Prouty

      Goosebumps. She hits it everytime.

    86. Marifel Rivero

      Miley TE AMO ósea, no se puede explicar, tu voz es increíble, GRACIAS.

    87. Tomás Lugo

      I can't believe I missed this. The fact that I couldn't go to her concert at my city will haunt me until she tours the world again. I'm literally crying in regret.

    88. Madu reis

      Perfeita ,amo muito.

    89. Angie Saqueta Melo


      1. David Galán


    90. Vitória Fontenele

      essa é tão boa ao vivo

    91. DR ELON

      I love her voice. These lyrics are so amazing. You gotta love songs you can relate to. Lol I loved the part when Miley stopped, and goes " I like that" lol Her voice is so f**** cute 😍 lol That CowGirl Hat though, So pretty ❤❤ Wonderful woman. I was lucky enough I had Miley, she could have everypiece a me and my whole life just so I could make her see how wonderful she really is. Any bit of heart break Mileys had, id take away if I could, im so sorry. She really dont deserve it. So good hearted. She my biggest crush. ❤ ❤ Id tear into anyone to defend Miley. Idgaf if its Thor. 😄 Yall see her as this, to me she just an amazing person and Represents where her and I come from. Im proud as f*** a her for all I've read about. Been out of circulation on everything cause of personal problems. But Miley deserves nothing but Love. Such an amazing person for just who she is. Coolest most wonderful person ever to me. Just everything about her. ❤ ❤ - Zachariah James Neace Or Zach Neace lol Which ever is preferred lol Mileys Amazing ❤ ❤

    92. Renzo Koornhof

      This performance feels like a message of love and adoration to an idol. I hope that Sinead sees it that way as well

    93. Adrian Bettello

      Ya no tengo más palabras.....una locura ..emocionante..maravillosa

    94. Duardo Mendoza

      Miley you are great and legendary as always. Your voice and interpretation is one of the best in the music industry.

    95. Celeste Gaitán

      MI VIDA POR LA MILEY ❤🙏🏽🇦🇷 Su voz en vivo es la fucking gloria.

    96. Lunabell71

      Just wow!!!!! Fantastic ❤

    97. J

      'Rock Miley' is my favorite era, and the mash-ups ARE PERFECTION!!

    98. Daniela Martínez

      Between tears and goosebumps This is insane!

    99. Destini Oquist

      Awesome! Done with such soul! Miley you got it lady!

    100. Neenz

      The second I heard this version I was on my way to New York not even a week ago . I had a million flash backs of my daughter and my family. This version brought me outta so much I was burning in…my daughter helped me walked all over New York with the biggest smile 😘♥️🙏🏻 I love u daughter - mama 4.21.22 5am As for my Miley she’s been killing it, more power & strength & encouragement ♥️ And whoever reads this, hold it together Bc it only gets better ♥️🙏🏻